People in Gamla Linköping

Gamla (Old) Linköping open-air musuem and Valla recreational area

Gamla Linköping - open-air museum- consists of some 90 historical buildings that come from the city of Linköping and the surrounding areas. The whole area is a museum in itself, but also contains several fascinating historical museums, the hands-on science museum Fenomenmagasinet, and several professional artisans working in the old tradition of their craft. You can also see many old Linköping homes - some of them completely untouched as if the residents have just stepped out.

The cobblestone streets of Old Linköping lead you out to the Valla recreational area through the Vallaskogen nature reserve, where old country breeds of cows and sheep graze peacefully.

The Valla recreational area has several interesting museums: the Odalman Museum (odalmen were free landowners under old law), the Östergötland railway museum, the carriage museum and the Tekniska Verken (utilities company) museum.

Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping och Valla Gård

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