Bild på vägskyltar för cykling med hänvisning till Berg och Borensberg

Would you like tips on lovely cycle trails in Linköping?

There are several stretches that are very close to the hearts of we Linköping inhabitants. Where you become one with nature. Regardless of whether you take the bike out for the day, or go off on a several-day’s cycling holiday in Linköping, here are some lovely cycle trails we warmly recommend.

Take the bicycle out to Berg Locks – Linköping’s own oasis

Charmiga Bergs Slussar har en av Göta Kanals mäktigaste slusstrappor och ligger bara ett stenkast från Linköping med cykel. Bergs Slussar erbjuder  vandrarhem, stugor, restaurang, café, minigolf och en sommaröppen turistinformation med cykeluthyrning. 


Do you want to rest your legs for a bit? Take RoxenSnabben!
From Berg Locks there is also the possibility to cross Lake Roxen with the help of the little bicycle boat RoxenSnabben. You can easily load your bike with the accompanying luggage and then just sit in the boat and enjoy the trip over the water. The boat trip takes about one hour and you can either get off in Linköping with its wide range of events, restaurants and exciting destinations, or you could also choose to jump off in the beautiful surroundings of Norsholm, where the cycle paths along the Göta Canal continue.

Number of passengers: 6-8 people (dependent on luggage). For larger numbers call and we will find a solution. Price: 200 kr/person (minimum price 800 kr/trip) The boat must be booked in advance!

For more information and booking:
Anders Nilsson Telephone: +46(0)70-60 60 661

Cycling along the Göta Canal

A bike trip along the Göta Canal is a close-to-nature experience. The Canal has 87 km of non-trafficked roads with activities and experiences to enjoy. Relive all the bizarre incidents that befell Lasse Åberg and the other actors in the cult film Göta Kanal.

The Göta Canal masterwork was realised under the direction of Baltzar von Platen. It is incredible to think that this whole canal was excavated by hand. The celebrated poem by Linköping’s son, Tage Danielsson, "De händer som grävde på Göta kanal" (“The hands that dug the Göta Canal”) echoes in your head in rhythm with the crunching of bike tyres over the gravel.

If you want, you can cycle the whole way to Borensberg along the canal. A great experience is to cycle on the aqueduct over the road that leads to Ljungsbro. Then do not miss Ljung’s manor and church. Among others, Axel von Fersen the younger is buried here. When you arrive, we recommend a bite to eat at the very special inn, Värdshuset Göta Hotel, built in 1908.

Accommodation options are available, for example at the hostel or cabins in Berg at the start or finish of the cycle trip, and at the charming hostel Glasbruket (the Glassworks) just before Borensberg. Once in Borensberg, do not miss out on a good meal with a view over the canal, at the unique Göta Hotel inn, built in 1908.

No bicycle? Rent one at Berg Locks!

At Göta Canal’s greatest attraction, Berg Locks in Linköping, you can rent a bicycle and easily take a day-tour or a several-day tour and discover the canal on your own.

Reserve your bicycle
To guarantee a bicycle when you arrive, we recommend that you reserve your bicycle from Kaffeteriet Cykle.
Book via e-mail here
Book via telephone here

Rent by the day/spontaneous rental
Contact Visit Linköping & Co’s tourist information, InfoPoint, at Berg Locks.
Book via e-mail here
Book via telephone here

Collection of  bicycles takes place at Visit Linköping & Co's tourist information, InfoPoint, at Berg Locks.
Note that bicycle rental is open during the summer season.


Cykelkartor Göta kanal

Cycle Guides Göta Canal
Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s greatest construction works and tourist destinations. In order to facilitate your bike tour, regardless of whether you want to cycle the whole length of the Göta Canal or just one selected stretch, we recommend that you avail yourself of Göta Canal’s own map.

Download the cycle guides here


Cykelpaket längs Göta kanal

Cycle package Göta Canal
There are several different cycle packages to book for your adventure. There are also recommended stretches for those of you who want to cycle the Göta Canal with children.
Read more about your cycle package here

Cycle on the Östgöta Plain and Around Lake Roxen

A trip to the Swedish Air Force Museum may be advantageously combined with a tour of Berg Locks. That way you will also have the pleasure of enjoying the Östgöta Plain from its best angle. Take for example the Malmslätt - Vikingstad - Västerlösa - Ledberg - Berg tour.

In summer the golden fields of rape spread out before you, with here and there a church spire rising. With the prosperous plain in focus and the modern city on the horizon you pedal along the roads. The wind? Yes, it is always there but with luck it is a following wind.

For the more adventurous there is always the Around Lake Roxen alternative. It comprises 90 km of varied cycling. From Linköping north via Berg, thereafter you continue along the whole northern shore of Lake Roxen. Very hilly and very beautiful. On the southern shore of the lake you can enjoy the plateau and really get up to speed on the road into town.

Cycling in Linköping – Discover Linköping by bicycle

Cycling is by far the best and most convenient way to get around Linköping. There are about 500 km of cycle paths, of which 100 km are maintained in winter, so the conditions for a successful bike ride are really good! The city’s cycle paths are ...