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Linköping fallskärmsklubb

Parachute jump with us! Strapped to an experienced tandem pilot, you jump from a height of 4000 metres, freefall for around 50 seconds down to 1500 metres, where the tandem pilot pulls the ripcord.

Linköping Kajak

Offers guided group tours and rental of kayaks in Linköping and the Kinda Canal.
Linköpings Discogolf

Linköpings Discgolf

Disc golf is a simple and enjoyable sport for all ages. The only thing required is a frisbee or disc as it is called. There are several courses in and around Linköping.

Linköpings Paintball

Compete and have fun with your colleagues, friends, bridal shower or bachelor party. We have a large selection of exciting activities and games!

Linköping Squashcenter

Linköping Squash Center offers six squash courts. If you are a beginner, you have the opportunity to take lessons to rapidly develop your game.
Man som åker på en wakeboard i Linköping

Linköping Wake Park

Do you want to try wakeboarding, but don’t have a boat? Then Linköping’s Wake Park is the obvious alternative for you! We have brought the sports that are normally found on the lakes around the ...


Behind Scandic city at the river bank you can rent a kayak and experience Linköping from a new side.