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Höstlöv och Linköpings slott

Linköpings Slott

Linköping´s Castle is situated opposite Domkyrkan, the cathedral church, just minutes from the main square in Linköping.

Linköping castle was originally built as a bishop´s house, but during the 16th century it was remodeled into a royal palace and later, it became the residence of the governor of Östergötland. The oldest parts of Linköping Castle stem from the 1100s and makes the castle the oldest secular building in Sweden. In 1700, a great fire destroyed large parts of Linkoping, including the town hall. At that time the castle was abandoned and being used as city jail. The eastern parts of the castle's wings were turned into a prison.

Today, besides being the residence of the governor, Slotts- och Domkyrkomuseum (Castle- and Cathedral Museum) resides in the castle.

Join one of the musuem´s tours to learn more about the castle´s fascinating history!

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