Linköpings Slotts- & Domkyrkomuseum

An exciting Medieval Museum in central Linköping. See the hidden Bishop tower from the 1200s and Linköping Cathedral's unique treasures. The museum describes the castle and Linköping Cathedral development from the 1100s up until the Renaissance.

Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum is housed in Linköping Castle, which originally was built as a bishop farm, whose oldest parts are from the late 1100's. Here you can step into Bishop Bengt tower that was built in 1286 and still today remains completely intact in the castle walls.

The treasure chamber on the second floor,  you can see a part of the Cathedral's stunning silver items and unique textiles. The oldest of which are manufactured by Birgitta sisters in the 1400 and 1500s. Up on the third floor we meet a 1:20 scale model of the castle.

Larger events for the conference or, or groups of 70 people or fewer in a unique environment.

Seated diners 60 people
Lecture 70 people
Theater / Music 60 people

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