Babettes Kafferi

Welcome to Babettes!

In 2011 we threw open the doors to Babettes. Together with fantastic personnel and a whole lot of wonderful volunteer helpers, our vision became reality. All three of us, in our own way, have had the feeling that Linköping was missing something. We wanted to create a place that would combine a homely feeling with quality, and expose the senses to foods and flavours. A home for culture where meetings can take place. Our dream was, and still is, that Babettes should contribute with beauty, openness and creativity to our town.

We opened the doors, then life flooded in.


We cook and bake everything from scratch, without additives or shortcuts. Our ambition is to offer what is seasonal and to collaborate with local, small-scale producers. Our eggs come from Haddorp, turkeys from Visätter farm and we buy cheese from Lots farm dairy and vegetables from Harstorps farmhouse, to mention but a few.


Below Babettes Kafferi, is our artisanal bakery and bread shop. Here you can buy our stone-oven baked sourdough bread, rolls, croissants and much more. We have small-scale production and only make use of carefully chosen ingredients without additives and as locally produced as possible. We want to pick the best from the artisanal baking of different cultures, and in that sense we are not a classic Swedish bakery. Instead we are inspired by bread and pastries from diverse places and countries that have appealed to us, and try to recreate them. Come in and enjoy the aroma, try a taste or have a chat with our fantastic baker.  

Culture has been, from the beginning, an important part of Babettes, and together with Babettes’ cultural association, we have arranged literary salons, large and small concerts, open mic, dance evenings, art exhibitions and much more! We try to mix small and local, with big and well-known. We want to be a place for locally produced culture, but we have also had as guests more established artists and performers, such as Nicolai Dunger, Jenny Abrahamson, Christian Kjellvander, Athena Farrokhzad, Cilla Naumann, Bob Hansson, Sara Granér, Sami Said, Tomas Andersson Wij, Kristina Sandberg, Sebastien Boudét, Loney Dear, Sara Riedel, Isabella Lundgren and many more.

Babettes events are in collaboration with the Culture and Recreation Board, Linköping’s Kultur & Fritidsnämnd.

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Stora Badstugatan 4
582 23 Linköping