Farm shops & local produce

In Linköping we live surrounded by farmland on all sides. Our city is beautifully located in the middle of the fertile Östergöta plain where there is a higher production of foodstuff than in many places. Both as an inhabitant and as a visitor you can enjoy a large variety of locally produced food. You can either buy it in one of the farm shops or enjoy it in the taverns.

Bondbönans Odlingar

Welcome to Bondbönans farmstead! On the farm there is cultivation of a variety of vegetables, small-scale and unsprayed.

Boställets Vedugnsbageri

Welcome to Boställets Wood oven Bakery -Here you can drink coffee in our cozy cafe or outdoors if the weather permits and eat a light lunch.
Hantverksgården i Ledberg

Hantverksgården i Ledberg

Hantverksgården is an old-style farm shop with a studio for in-house design and production. We offer an outing for the whole family in a calm and peaceful milieu; a place where you can meet, find ...
Löt Gårdsmejeri

Löt Gårdsmejeri

Immediately south of Linköping lies Löt Ryttargård, a local farm dairy which produces genuine Östgöta dairy products from the farm’s own dairy goats. Immediately outside Linköping, a local farm dairy ...

Stafsäter Gårdsglass

Stafsäter Gårdsglass, founded in the autumn of 2011, is a little family business which offers locally produced ice-cream of the very highest quality.

Tift Södergård

Tift Södergård lies two kilometres west of Linköping on the road between Skäggetorp and Malmslätt. In summer we have ‘pick-yourself’ strawberries and before Christmas you can come and cut your own ...
Vy på östgötaslätten och Rökinge Gård

Växthuset Rökinge Gård

Welcome to our Greenhouse at Rökinge Farm, Vreta Kloster, Östergötland. Rökinge Farm Greenhouse is a family business which is owned and run by Louise Vrethem, master gardener.