Artisan and craft shops

Are you on the hunt for unique presents for your family, friends or yourself? At the same time do you want to buy from local artisans, be environmentally friendly and think sustainably? Then you have come to the right place! In and around Linköping there are several cosy shops focusing on local handicrafts. You will find a wide selection here of everything from ceramics and wood to textiles.

Akewa Keramik

​​​​​​​In Ulrika presbytery ceramics and textiles are designed and manufactured.
Brink Ull

Brink Ull (Brink Wool)

From our animals at the farm we produce unique handicrafts. We do all the work from the beginning: shearing, cleaning, washing, fulling, spinning, weaving and knitting.

Handelsboden i Gamla Linköping

Visit the old provision store, Gamla Handelsboden, where you can enjoy the aromas and ambiance of a shop from the turn of the last century!

Anderska Konsthantverk

Anderska Artwork is shared by three artists - Hanna, Lilian and Sofie. Each working in their own material – silver, clay and wood - they both create and sell their artwork in a beautiful wooden house ...

Kusebyholms Lamm

The farming company Kusebyholms Lamm is run by Lolo Sörelius and Jan Thieme. The land and the animals are managed ecologically and the farm is KRAV certified as organic.


Rudholms is a cosy boutique for interior décor, gifts and garden, in the cultural quarter around the cathedral, castle and library in Linköping.