In the wintertime ice-skating can be enjoyed at a number of different ice rinks in and around Linköping. There are both indoor and outdoor ice rinks offering admission free ice-skating.

Adjacent to Saab Arena is an indoor skating rink at Träningshallen. North of the city in Ljungsbro, is another indoor ice rink. 

There are a number of maintained outdoor rinks around Linköping. Two of the more considerable ones are Isovalen by Linköping University´s campus and bandybanan by Saab Arena. Rental skates are available at Campushallen at the university and at certain times at bandybanan, but if you are planning to do a lot of ice skating it may be worth buying a pair of your own. Preferably check out second hand shops where you find good deals.

Opening hours for Träningshallen and bandybanan. Click here to read more.

Opening hours for Ljungsbro ishall. Click here to read more.

A fantastic experience (of course depending on the weather) is ice-skating on a frozen lake. Not much compares to ice-skating a sunny winter day when it freezes over into crystal-clear and incredibly smooth ice. Remember to always take proper safety precautions and never go out on your own. Always go with a friend, bring right safety equipment and make sure to evaluate conditions before heading onto the ice as ice conditions vary from day to day.