Activities along the Kinda kanal

There are many activities along the Kinda kanal. Here are some of them.

Eneby Norrgård

Eneby Norrgård farm lies beautifully situated beside route 135 between the resorts of Horn and Hycklinge in southern Östergötland in scenic Kinda.

Pelle’s Wildlife Safari

Experience the beautiful countryside of Kinda with many lakes, magical forests, high mountains and deep valleys on a Wildlife Safari in Kinda district!


It is not far to the ski slopes from Linköping – only 50 minutes south of the county’s residential city is Tolvmannabacken in Kisa, a popular destination for ski-loving families from all of ...

Åby Säteri

An oasis by the shore of Lake Åsunden. A small-scale, close-to-nature experience on the farm Åby Manor in Horn.

Picture of people at Hovetorp's locks along the Kinda kanal in Östergötland

Locks along the Kinda kanal

Every lock gate along the Kinda kanal is unique and worth a visit. In total there are 15 hand-operated locks in nine lock areas that you can visit, ...

Culture along the Kinda kanal

Castles and manor houses, homesteads, cultural heritage and museums. There is a great deal of culture to discover along the Kinda kanal. Take a look ...

Farm Shops along the Kinda kanal

In Östergötland we love local produce. Along the Kinda kanal there are several charming farm shops that sell everything from meat reared on the farm, ...