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Common questions about leisure craft on the Kinda kanal

Where are the guest harbours where I can moor? How big can my boat be to be able to pass through the locks in the canal? How fast can I drive my boat? We have the answers to all the practical questions you have prior to your boat trip along the Kinda kanal.

What are the maximum dimensions for a boat to use the canal and pass through the locks?
Length: 24.50 m
Width: 4.50 m
Depth: 1.50 m
Height: 3.09 m

Where can I buy a maritime map? 
During the high season there are maritime maps of the Kinda kanal and its Lake System for sale at the Nykvarn, Hovetorp and Brokind locks. All year round there are also maritime maps for sale at Akademibokhandeln book shop in Linköping (Storgatan 32) and at Kinda Tourist Office in Kisa.

Can I refuel at jetties along the way?
At our lock in Brokind there is a marine service station (petrol and diesel) which is open in the high season.

Refuelling during low seasons is possible on Saturday 17 June and 30th June 09.00-10.00. Pre-book by telephone +46(0)70-647 37 00. Refuelling at other times by arrangement only.

Credit card and Swish payment is accepted.

I need to refuel now – Is there somewhere I can get to within walking distance?
Linköping at Braskens bridge (Shell and OK/Q8)
Rimforsa at Kalmarvägen (Frodab Rimforsa Bil & Fritid)
Hycklinge at Hycklingevägen (Hycklinge Bensin & Service)

Are there trailer ramps along the Kinda kanal?
In the following places there are trailer ramps. Ring the numbers given for more information.
Linköping: Stånggatan & Nykvarnparken +46(0)70-647 37 00
Hovetorp: +46(0)70-647 37 00
Rimforsa: +46(0)494-205 70
Horn: +46(0)494-300-08
Hovby: +46(0)494-105 21

See the ramp symbols in the map below for exact position.

Is there the possibility to rent a boat?
Yes, there are some operators along the Kinda kanal who offer boat rentals.

Stiftsgården Vårdnäs
+46(0)13-36 85 00

Ryda Gård, Rimforsa
+46(0)709-73 15 57

Göta kanal Charter
+46(0)70-54 69 169

I need boat transport, where can I get it?
The following providers offer land-transport of boats, for example from Horn/Hycklinge in the southern part of the Kinda kanal to Gamleby with access to the archipelago. 

Göranssons Åkeri 
+46(0)702-63 42 26
E-mail: susann@garpek.se 

S:A Frakt AB
+46(0)705-76 38 88

How fast can I drive in the canal?
Max. 5 knots is allowed in those parts of the canal that do not run through lakes. Within the Viggeby conservation area max. 10 knots is allowed. Always follow the signed or otherwise designated speeds.

Throughout the canal speed must be adjusted so that danger or unnecessary obstruction does not occur in the traffic, and no damage is caused to other boats, lock installations, quays, jetties, embankments or safety devices.

Where are the guest harbours?

What is the blue triangle?
The blue triangle is a boat tour that comprises three parts – a trip on the Göta Canal (Mem-Roxen), a trip on the Kinda Canal (the whole canal) and then land transport from Horn/Hycklinge (Lake Åsunden) out to Gamleby with access to the archipelago. Tickets for the Kinda kanal can be bought on arrival at the first lock. Tickets for the Göta Canal can be bought at gotakanal.se.

Boat transport booking is done at:  Göranssons Åkeri: +46(0)702-63 42 26, susann@garpek.se alternatively S:A Frakt AB: +46(0)705-76 38 88.

Why are there different seasons on the Canal?
Every year the season when the canal is open (May-September) is divided into three parts pre-, high-, and post-season.

During holiday time, in lovely weather and when many have launched their boats, is high season on the canal, and thus the locks are manned by lock keepers. This is most common during July and parts of August when all the locks are manned by seasonal personnel and the locks are open 7 days a week.

During pre- and post-season there are a smaller number of boats trafficking the canal. Lock passage is then offered on certain pre-determined dates and locks are manned by personnel who additionally work on canal repair. For the maintenance and lock keeping to work in parallel, all lock passage must be pre-booked at least 2 weekdays in advance.
How many locks are there along the canal?
At 9 different lock installations along the canal there are a total of 15 locks. Hovetorp Lock installation has most locks with a total of four. The highest locks are in Hackefors with nearly 7 meters’ level difference. 

How long is the canal?
Fully 80 km (43 distance map minutes) from Nykvarn Lock in Linköping to Horn and Hycklinge on Lake Åsunden’s southern shore.

Can you swim in the canal?
Yes you can swim in the canal, but for safety sake it is not permitted within 50 meters of bridges and locks. Swiming in the central parts of Linköping is not recommended.

How old is the canal?
The canal opened for traffic in 1871 and was certified in 1872.

Can you pass through the locks with a canoe/kayak?
We allow lock passage only if there are a minimum of 5 canoes/kayaks in a group and only downstream. The lock fee is 50kr is per canoe and lock. We therefore generally recommend that you lift the canoe/kayak and carry them around the lock on land. The Kinda kanal is really superb paddling water with lots of great places for overnight accommodation.  

What more do you want to know about the Kind kanal?
Please do contact us with suggestions of other things that you think can be good to know about our fine canal. Send suggestions to: info@kindakanal.se

Picture of Stångån and Kinda kanal at dusk

Contact Information

Need to contact anyone regarding the Kinda kanal? Here you have contact information for AB Kinda Kanal, telephone numbers for the different locks as well as other useful contacts.