Picture of Stångån and Kinda kanal at dusk

Contact Information

Need to contact anyone regarding the Kinda kanal? Here you have contact information for AB Kinda Kanal, telephone numbers for the different locks as well as other useful contacts.

AB Kinda Kanal

Södra Stånggatan 1
Box 1017
581 10 Linköping

Telephone: +46(0)13-12 68 80
E-mail: info@kindakanal.se
Workshop: +46(0)70-647 37 00

Karin Nybrolin, CEO
Telephone: +46(0)70-209 92 01

Direct numbers for the locks in high season are as shown here

Lock reservations pre, during and post high season
Telephone: +46(0)70-647 37 00
E-mail: kanalverkstad@telia.com

AB Kinda Kanal board
At the AGM on the 15th May 2019 the following people were elected to the AB Kinda Kanal board:

Camilla Egberth, chairperson, +46(0)705-12 71 70, camilla.egberth@motala.se 
Nils-Ingvar Graan, vice chairperson +46(0)705-16 01 04, nils-ingvar.graan@motala.se 
Jan-Erik Johnsson, member 
Bengt Senneberg, member 
Bengt Walla, member
Anders Ljung, auxiliary 
Ranko Simic, auxiliary 
Jerker Carlsson auxiliary

AB Kinda Kanal

M/S Kind

Rederi AB Kind
Shipping Co. AB Kind
Telephone: +46(0)13-663 50


M/S Kind logotyp

Turist Information

Visit Linköping & Co
Telephone: +46(0)13-190 00 70

Visit Linköping & Co logotyp

Kinda Tourist Office
Stora Torget 5
590 37 Kisa
Telephone: +46(0)494-194 10

Kindaturism logotyp

Visit Östergötland
Telephone: +46(0)10-103 00 00

Visit Östergötland logotyp