Eneby Norrgård

Eneby Norrgård farm lies beautifully situated beside route 135 between the resorts of Horn and Hycklinge in southern Östergötland in scenic Kinda. At Eneby Norrgård we run meat production in modern loose stalls. Living on the farm are around 30 cows that calve every year. In summer the majority of our animals are turned out into the lovely pastures in the southern Kinda countryside.

We also have horses, rabbits, goats, sheep, hens, cats and dogs etc. At Eneby Norrgård we run what is called an Open Farm operation, equestrian activities, dog kennels, dog training of hunting dogs, and sales and rental as well as boarding of companion rabbits.

We also offer healing treatment and personal guidance/symposiums. We have a little farm shop too, where among other things we sell eggs from our happy free-roaming hens. Homemade buns and cakes freshly frozen. In the farm shop there is also beef and lamb meat from the farm as well as game from the district’s forests. Welcome!

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590 42 Horn