Hike the Östgöta Trail

Östergötland has varied and exciting countryside. For those of you who love to discover nature there is a whole wealth of different hiking trails. Many of the hiking trails that run along the Kinda kanal join together to form the Östgöta Trail. Along the Östgöta Trail’s different stretches you can find everything from deep forest and plains to archipelago. Here you will find everything from a simple walk to a real adventure.

A pearl along the Östgöta Trail: Viggeby Nature Reserve
Viggeby Nature Reserve is a very popular place to which many come to enjoy nature.

The Nature Reserve comprises several islands in Lake Järnlunden and lies in the southern part of Linköping Municipality, immediately west of Brokind. Along the rocky shore of knotty pines and amongst the reserve’s islands you get the feeling of being in an archipelago.

This diversified reserve comprises fine oak milieus, deciduous forest and several islands. There are several hiking trails where you are met by beautiful nature in the form of flowery outcrops of rock, fine oak milieus, sun drenched shoreline cliffs, leafy deciduous forests and rolling open pastures. If you want to rest your legs, you can take a cooling dip at the inviting beaches. In the area there are both bathing and resting spots with fire-pits, toilets and wind shelters.

Getting to different starting points along the Östgöta Trail

Public transport
If you decide to walk specific sections of the Östgöta trail, you can get to various starting points along the trail by bus. If your starting point is Trädgårdsföreningen (Garden Society) in central Linköping, then line 25 is the nearest bus. Besides, Trädgårdsföreningen is so central, that you can reach it on foot if you are in the town centre. Please look at the map aside to see the bus stops adjacent to the Östgöta Trail and plan your route from there. You can get to both Rimforsa station and Kisa station with the Stångådalsbanan suburban line.

Note! Visit ostgotaleden.se for the correct and updated map.

Practical information on the trail

Distance: circa 125 km (connected to the Kinda kanal)

Stretches & level of difficulty:
Trädgårdsföreningen - Open-air Museum Gamla Linköping: 4 km – Accessibility adapted
Djurgården - Vidingsjö: 4 km - Easy
Vidingsjö - Bjärka-Säby: 19 km - Easy
Bjärka-Säby - Sätravallen: 11 km - Easy
Sätravallen - Brokind: 10 km - Easy
Brokind - Viggeby:
Rimforsa - Borders of Linköping: 11 km - Easy
Pålehult - Rimforsa: 16 km - Medium
Stickspår till Trollegater:
Pinnarp - Pålehult: 16,4 km - Medium
Kisa - Pinnarp: 9 km - Easy
Kisa - Horn: 25 km - Easy

Practical homepage for this route:

Östgötaleden kartaÖstgöta trail
Region Östergötlands hiking map (se/eng/de)
Download the map here


Stay close to the heart of Linköping and do as many locals do – walk along the Stångåstråket. Distance: circa 14 km.