Detail image at Trollegater in Östergötland
 Two people looking out over a forest in Idhult, Östergötland
Two people who are out walking in the open-air museum Gamla Linköping and standing in an alley
A person standing on a mountain and looking out over the plains

Tips on hiking trails along the Kinda kanal

Sweden is beautiful! Each place has its own unique touch and along the leafy Kinda kanal are many of the best parts! For a near-to-nature experience discover the area on foot. Here there are several trails of varying difficulty and of different lengths to discover.

Hike the Östgöta Trail

Hike one or more of the stretches of the Östgöta Trail connecting to the Kinda kanal. Distance connecting to the canal: 125km.


Stay close to the heart of Linköping and do as many locals do – walk along the Stångåstråket. Distance: circa 14 km.

Maps for printing

Here you will find maps for printing. Click on each route to download.

Björkfors - Idhult (sv/eng/de) - Download pdf here > 
Brokind - Rimforsa (sv/eng/de) - Download pdf here >
Trollegater - Rimforsa (sv/eng/de) - Download pdf here >
Hamra sluss - Bjärka Säby (sv/eng/de) - Download pdf here >
Hallstarundan (sv/eng/de) - Download pdf here >