Picture of logs in Säby Västerskog nature reserve

Nature Reserves along the Kinda kanal

The whole of Östergötland is full of leafy forest, beautiful pastures and open plains. Not least along the tranquil Kinda kanal! Here the nature reserves teem with all sorts – conifer forest, deciduous forest, primeval forest. Many places along the canal also pass through northern Europe’s largest uninterrupted oak landscape.

If you are out on a hiking trip along Östgöta Trail, you will pass several of them – but it is equally good to just visit the nature reserves during a day. We have collected some of the golden nuggets that steadfastly watch over the canal, where the city noise becomes merely a memory. Welcome into the forest!

Idhult Nature Reserve

Older cultivated landscape with hiking trails of around 1.5 kilometres.

Trollegater Nature Reserve

Trollegater is a nature reserve that contains Sweden’s largest underground caves.

Viggeby Nature Reserve

Viggeby Nature Reserve comprises several islands in Lake Järnlunden. Several hiking trails in the area.

Tinnerö Oak Landscape

The Reserve is dominated by old oaks in rolling pastoral countryside.

Säby Västerskog Nature Reserve

Säby Västerskog belongs to Östergötland’s finest natural forest reserve, as close to primeval forest as you can come in southern Sweden.

Klevberget Nature Reserve

From the top of the mighty and steep fault of Klevberget mountain you have a magnificent view over the deciduous forests on Borgarmon mountain, Hallstad’s flowering meadows and the vast waters of Lake Järnlund.

Valö Nature Reserve

Valö Nature Reserve is a mighty and steep fault around 100 meters deep, with magnificent views over forested landscape and Lake Björkern.

Sturefors Nature Reserve

From the open oak pastures you can see Sturefors Castle from the 1700s, just where the River Stång and the Kinda kanal run into Lake Ärlången.

Hallstad Meadows Nature Reserve

Hallstad meadows is a unique meadow with pollarded lime trees stretching scenically along Lake Järnlunden’s southern shore.

Picture of people at Hovetorp's locks along the Kinda kanal in Östergötland

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