There are so many different ways to experience the beautiful Stångåstråket – but do it the best way! Strolling at your own pace. The promenade offers places to visit strung out like pearls from Slattefors Lock in the south and all the way out to Lake Roxen in the north – locks, bathing spots, boat harbours, parks, cafés and restaurants as well as recreational areas and hiking trails.

Do as the locals do!
Taking a walk along Stångåstråket, is to do as the locals do. This promenade is a popular outing amongst the residents and you will come upon many exercisers and dog-walkers taking their usual circuit by the river. You will pass several restaurants and cosy cafés along the way with first-class views over the river. A part of the Stångåstråket runs through the central parts of Linköping where there is a whole wealth of activities and places of interest for old and young.

The surface varies between gravel and asphalt with a light level of difficulty. During the whole of your walk you have a view over the River Stångån and the Kinda kanal and can see boats passing through the locks. The whole promenade has access to easy communication back to the Travel Centre if you want to return quickly.  

Getting to the Stångåstråket

Public transport
Communications around the river Stångån Promenade are straightforward and it is easy to get to your desired starting point. Depending on where you want to start, there are dozens of bus stops adjacent to the canal. Search for “kollektivtrafik” on the attached map to see the bus stops along the way.  

If you are staying at a facility in Linköping City it is walking distance down to the canal. Since the canal runs parallel to the whole city, you just have to aim for it no matter where you are staying. If you want a starting point, you can always start from Linköping Travel Centre.  

There are several car parking buildings in Linköping City. Park there and then walk down to the canal.

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Practical information on the promenade

Distance: circa 14 km

Level of difficulty: Easy

Practical homepage for this route:
Linköpings kommun

Stångåstråket karta

Stångåstråket 2018
Linköpings kommun map for Stångåstråket (se)
Download the map here



Hike the Östgöta Trail

Hike one or more of the stretches of the Östgöta Trail connecting to the Kinda kanal. Distance connecting to the canal: 125km.