Drone image over Kinda kanal
Detail image of flowers along with Kinda kanal
 Detail image of leaves where sunshine penetrates the leaves along the Kinda kanal
Sunset on a plain along the Kinda kanal

The complete guide to the Kinda kanal

A few days in the surroundings of the Kinda kanal allows you to unwind, become less stressed and feel in harmony with yourself. Here you can be part of close-to-nature experiences in an authentic milieu with few other tourists. The majority of people you will come upon are local residents.

Kinda kanal offers relaxing experiences at an agreeable pace in genuine Swedish countryside with landscapes of lakes, forests, fields, wildlife, cattle and communities with small-scale and local trades. It is easy to find peace and quiet here. Smell the water, the forest and the flowers. Different scents, different times of the year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. The canal is impressive, stretching for 80 kilometres with 6 interconnecting waterways and offering all year-round activities.

Picture of M/S Kind going up a lock staircase along the Kinda kanal

This is Kinda kanal

Kinda kanal is the place for recreation and adventure. Both on the water and on land. Kinda Canal is a green and leafy area which is perfect for ...
Picture of people at Hovetorp's locks along the Kinda kanal in Östergötland

Locks along the Kinda kanal

Every lock gate along the Kinda kanal is unique and worth a visit. In total there are 15 hand-operated locks in nine lock areas that you can visit, ...
Picture of Stångån and Kinda kanal at dusk

Contact Information

Need to contact anyone regarding the Kinda kanal? Here you have contact information for AB Kinda Kanal, telephone numbers for the different locks as ...

S/S Kinda at Hackefors lock in the 1910s. Photo: Sjöhistoriska museét

The history of Kinda kanal

Ever since 1871 the Kinda kanal has been an important and beautiful passage through the heart of Östergötland. As a transport route between the ...