Kolmården Wildlife Park

At Kolmården you can see wild animals from every corner of the world – an animal park that is filled with exciting experiences for all ages. You can ride the cable car, the savannah abundant with wild animals stretching out beneath you, come scarily close to the tigers in Tiger World, experience a magic dolphin show and much more. For children there is Bamse’s World which takes you on a breath-taking tour on Godiståget (the Sweet Train), you will visit Bamse Bear at home and can also go on Bamse’s Adventure Walk in the animal park. 

There are is a lot to experience at Kolmården Wildlife Park, here are som suggestions:

The Safari gondola lets you experience wild animals at incredibly close quarters in a way that’s not possible in any other wildlife park on earth. Glide weightlessly above the landscape, listing to the wind singing in the treetops, while bears, moose, giraffes and lions roam below you.

Marine World and the World of Bamse include lots of fun rides for kids. Two thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails, to name a few. Our youngest visitors will enjoy Bamse’s honeypot merry-go-round. Wildfire, Sweden’s best-ever roller coaster, makes its debut in 2016.

Informative displays
As you make your way around the park, you’ll encounter keepers demonstrating how they feed and train the animals and look after their surroundings. Learn more about the great animal characters who live here, the various species and how the park works. Featured species include bears, meerkats, animals of South America and tigers.

Your admission fee covers all the attractions.

Where: Immediately north of Norrköping.
Distance from Linköping by car: 70kms – 50min.
Homepage:  www.kolmarden.com