Do you want to ride mountain bike terrain in Linköping?

Malmslättsbanan is 2 km long, easy cycling and perfect for beginners. The track is not marked and is perfect for beginners. Track type: XC

Olstorp open-air centre lies just northeast of Ljungsbro and offers three marked MTB tracks amongst which are a short 3 km track and the longest of 24 km. The short track is an alternating XC track which is technical and hilly. The long track is of cross-country type with longer elements of dirt road, asphalt and some single-track. In winter there are ski tracks for skate and classic skiing. (The course is maintained by Vreta skid och motionsklubb - ski and exercise club) Track type: XC   

Vallabanan is a circa 4 km long XC loop in Vallaskogen woods. The track has distinct easy-runs and technical sections respectively.

Vidingsjöbanan has a length of 5 km. Choose between the red loops which are a little more technical, a yellow loop which goes around the whole track, or the blue loop which is suitable for beginners. The track is well marked and can withstand some bad weather before it gets too muddy. Suitable for cycling throughout the year. Track type: XC   

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Cycling in Linköping – Discover Linköping by bicycle

Cycling is by far the best and most convenient way to get around Linköping. There are about 500 km of cycle paths, of which 100 km are maintained in winter, so the conditions for a successful bike ride are really good! The city’s cycle paths are ...

Bild på vägskyltar för cykling med hänvisning till Berg och Borensberg

Would you like tips on lovely cycle trails in Linköping?

There are several stretches that are very close to the hearts of we Linköping inhabitants. Where you become one with nature. Regardless of whether you take the bike out for the day, or go off on a several-day’s cycling holiday in Linköping, here are ...