Drönarbild över en hjärtformad sjö i Linköping

Top List: 5 of Nature’s Pearls

There are so many good reasons for spending more time in the countryside! The outdoor life suits everyone and besides it is free – and best of all? Linköping is embraced by leafy woods and golden plains, there are natural encounters of every kind here! Use all five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch on your adventure in some of our Linköping pearls of nature. Pick mushrooms, hike, canoe, cycle or stroll. We have listed some of nature’s pearls that we are especially proud of having in Linköping! Proximity to nature and greenery makes us quite simply feel good.

Kinda Canal – 80 km of countryside experiences

To discover the Kinda Canal is to discover 80 km of lovely countryside! The canal offers several lake systems and winds from scenic Kinda village, continuing through fifteen hand-operated locks to central Linköping, and onward out into Lake Roxen.

Leave the daily stress behind you and step out into the countryside, there are so many adventures! You can get along the canal in several ways. Why not by boat? Either you can hop aboard a cruise tour with Rederi AB Kind >> ’s M/S Kind and treat yourself to that little extra. On board, good food and great music is served and you get the opportunity to socialise with friends while you glide through the lush landscape. And then of course it is great to navigate the locks yourself in your own craft.

Another lovely way to discover the Kinda Canal is on foot. Think what a feeling it is to walk along by the canal experiencing diverse and exciting countryside first hand! Hiking takes you through deep forest, over plains and beside glistening water. For those of you who wish to make their visit a little longer, there is everything from simple hostels to pensions with tasty meals and top hotel standards. A tip is to combine a cruise with a hiking tour, which you can easily do at kindakanal.se. Here you will find several trip suggestions and packages which allow you to discover nature while living like a king at some of the area’s cosiest lodgings.

This is a real pearl of nature all year round, but if the beautiful Swedish summer is your favourite, then welcome to your natural oasis.   

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Stångåstråket - A string of special places to visit

Stångån promenade is exactly what it sounds like – a walkway along the River Stångån, and a concentrated part of the Kinda Canal. The stretch is 14 km, takes you along the River Stångån Kinda Canal and is full of possibilities, regardless of whether you cycle, walk, fish, canoe, go by boat or exercise.

Why not take a day cruise with the passenger boat M/S Kind? Or rent a kayak from Linköping Kajak and paddle along the waterways? This promenade is very popular among Linköping residents – many take a turn by the river at dusk. If you are out exercising anyway you can also take the opportunity to stop by Snugganparken by Tannefors locks, and challenge your strength in the outdoor gym which is located in the park.

Otherwise prepare a picnic basket and sit yourself down by one of the locks you come across. The promenade is unbelievably beautiful no matter what the time of year. 

Linköping even has its own Wakeboard Park which is in the River Stångån! How much fun does it sound on a hot summer’s day to be able to ride on a board in the heart of Linköping? Traditionally it requires a boat to practice the water sport, but thanks to a cable system and a quiet, environmentally-friendly motor, this works as well! The River Stångån’s latest playmate is the perfect activity for those of you who love water and action. The countryside around here has much to offer.

To explore Stångån promenade is to explore locks, bathing spots, boat harbours, parks, cafés, restaurants, open-air spaces and hiking trails. All easy to find,
however you choose to come.  

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Rängen Runt - Perfect for the nature lover

Rängen Runt is a hiking trail comprising part of the Östgöta and the Kyrk trails with a length of circa 45 km, which takes you right around Lake Stora Rängen. The trail offers varying countryside, many bathing spots and accommodation where you can literally choose between castles and cabins. Duration for the hiking trail is circa 12 hours.

On your travels you will come upon many pearls. Among them, Vårdnäs Stiftsgård diocese. You can take a break here and enjoy good food in the restaurant, take a dip in the blue, or just enjoy the view from one of the many rocks surrounding the spot, before you continue on through the countryside. Another pearl you will pass is Stafsäters Gårdglass ice-cream farm. This is a must if you are in Linköping. This is also a perfect rest place if you get warm during your hike and need to cool down a little. Bus connections are mainly on the eastern side of the lake for those who want to keep the hike shorter.

There is way more to see here than just wonderful countryside – 7 bathing spots, 4 wind protections, 2 cafés, 4 hotels/hostels, 2 heritage centres and 150 – 250 (at least) well-wishing and helpful villagers. Just head out on the adventure!

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Tinnerö Oak landscape – The Oak’s Mecca

Are you charmed in particular by the oaks of the countryside? Then a stop in the oak landscape is a must. In Linköping’s southern region the area of oaks is actually uncommonly large. The oak landscape covers Brokind, Bjärka-Säby, Sturefors and the municipality’s largest natural reserve, Tinnerö, which is also the most central part only 2 km away from Stora Torget.

It is a fantastic experience to discover a whole oak landscape – but in Tinnerö there is also a little extra to enjoy. The countryside around here is mostly oaks, but there are also coniferous forest and wetlands. I mean, check out the wetland pictures?! How great does that look? The diversity of nature means that the all the plant and animal life is very rich here. If that isn’t enough, it is not just nature that is interesting, Tinnerö also has a fascinating cultural history. The landscape is full of ancient remains and not least from the Roman Iron Age. 

As Tinnerö is close to the heart of town there is no problem getting here by walking from the centre. But if you want to discover the surroundings then we suggest that you come here by bicycle or car. From Karlaplan in the north to Lake Rosenkälla in the south, the area is nearly seven square kilometres! 

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Östgöta plain – West of town

Last but not least – Östgöta plain! Östergötland is generally known for its beautiful, wide plains and oceans of yellow rape fields. Amongst that ocean of gold, many gems and lovely excursions are hidden. If you want to experience nature and life in the country first hand – take a cycle tour round the charming route “West of town”, with several different stops where you will find rural handicrafts, second-hand bargains and you can get a snack.

Beautiful nature, fresh air and lovely people – that is what you can expect here. Enjoy vegetables, new-baked treats and quaint shops in a delightful milieu. You will also have close encounters with animals on your journey. 

Psst… If you are on a cycle tour in this area, you are close to Berg Locks on the Göta Canal, which also has a lot of natural beauty to offer. You can read more about what possibilities there are at Berg Locks further down the page.

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Picture of a lake in the sunset


The Rängen Lakes, Lake Järnlunden, Lake Roxen, Lake Ärlången, Kinda Canal and Göta Canal. All of these are waterways in and around Linköping, offering opportunities for good fishing.

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Guide to the countryside in Linköping Municipality

There is so much incredibly lovely countryside to share in Linköping Municipality. Another beauty you must not miss is Viggeby Nature Reserve which comprises several islands and an elongated headland out into Lake Järnlunden. Hiking trails in the area cross flower strewn rocky outcrops, through fine oak landscapes, leafy deciduous forests and rolling open pastures.

Then we also have Ycke primeval forest in Ulrika, which lies in the southern part of the municipality. This pearl of nature is one of the county’s few remaining primeval forests which offer a timeless and exciting forest experience. The oldest pine in Ycke was already growing in the late 1500s!

To check out all the natural beauty that can be found in Linköping Municipality, please visit the countryside map. The countryside map guides you to several exciting hiking trails, Nature Reserves, entrances and places worth visiting.