Newly renovated hotel with historic roots where accommodation is more than just a place to stay. Livgrenadjärmässen offers fifteen rooms, of which two are slightly larger. The rooms can accommodate either one or two people. In some of the rooms there is space for an extra bed. We also offer accommodation in a traditional barracks. Steel beds, metal cabinets and checked sheets.

The hotel has historic roots and modern solutions with sustainability in focus. Instead of installing TV channels in every room, which requires both hardware and more installations, we let the guests choose what they want to watch. The rooms are equipped with modern TVs and Chromecast. Here you stream through your own computer, telephone or tablet. If you do not have access to your own streaming service, we will of course help you.

Taking on our responsibility for the environment permeates our whole operation. A part of that is to reduce food waste. Instead of the overloaded breakfast buffet, you choose what you want to eat for breakfast in advance. Everyone has different breakfast habits, both concerning selection and timing. We cook only what the guest requests and thus there is no waste at all. We prepare it for you and you can enjoy breakfast here with us, in the car, or at your destination. With larger groups and by arrangement we can organise a breakfast buffet or also brunch.

The hotel has a lounge where you can eat your breakfast, lunch or just socialise. There is a fridge and microwave if you want to store or warm food. The kitchen is also equipped with a coffee machine and water dispenser. In the rooms is a thermos and a water carafe. In conjunction with your stay you may also, by arrangement, have access to our exhibition floors.

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Brigadgatan 8
587 58 Linköping