Sandviks Herrgård

At Sandvik's, we can accommodate up to 20 overnight guests! In the sauna that is right on the water, it is fine to stay overnight. A large double bed and the possibility at any time to use the sauna located in the same house. Fridge and kettle available. The entire wing is to hire a few weeks in the summer. Upstairs on the wing it can hold up to 10 people and can be rented in conjunction with events. In the ground floor there is a newly renovated room with 2 beds. Located next to is Emmaboden, which formerly was a small shop, now restyled to a romantic double bedroom. In the magazine is a room with both fridge, hob and kettle and place to sit if you want to cook breakfast or simple meals.

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Sandvik Herrgården
590 78 Vreta kloster Linköping