How you can help in supporting Linköping's local business community

Here are some ideas on how you as an individual can help support your local business community during this difficult time as we deal with the Corona virus COVID- 19.

Re-book, don't cancel, your meeting or conference

Re-book, don't cancel, your hotel reservation

♥ Buy take-away from local restaurants

Get your treats from a local bakery/pastry shop

Make your breakfast extra special with freshly baked bread from your local bakery

Buy the Linköping City's gift card and support the local shops

Do you have more tips on what we as individuals can do to help out our local businesses in Linköping? Feel free to share them with us! Contact us in our social media channels so we can fill the list up together!


- ”I challenge everyone I know to support the small business owners in Linköping, no matter what field- you’ll want them here when the crisis is over”
@Roggaha på Instagram.

Do as @Roggaha! Use his illustration, post it in your social media channels and use the tag #supportyourlocalLKPG and tell what you do to support our local businesses.

♥ Keep Linköping bustling!

To download the image to your cell phone, hold your finger over the image, then click "save image". From a desk top right click on the image and then hit "save image as…"



Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

To get more information about the Corona virus COVID-19, please click on the links below.
Link to Linköping municipality's gathered information about the virus.
Here you'll find updated information from the Swedish authorities.
Find out how how different organizations can support your business during the current situation.