Top attractions: 5 musts in Linköping

Every town is known for something, Linköping for many things! Perhaps it depends on who you ask and you will get different answers – associations with Linköping are numerous – flight, two canals, a bloody history, a cool university or successful hockey and football teams, you name it!! No matter how long your visit to Linköping is, or if you are a Linköping resident, there are some pearls here you must not miss. Be inspired by the top 5 musts to see and do in Linköping!

Berg Locks, Göta Canal – Linköping’s own oasis

A stone’s throw from Linköping centre you will find the city’s own little oasis, Berg Locks on the Göta Canal. Enjoy the boat-happy travellers, wonderful summer days and tasty food experiences of the harbour life that flourishes in the area during the summer. Think what a luxury to be able to combine the pulse of the city with the tranquil harbour idyll, and only a cycle run between them!

In Berg Locks there is everything from culturally historic experiences, green spaces, tasteful restaurants to the boat life of the locks. The heart of Berg locks, which according to many is the soul of the Göta Canal, is the Carl Johan lock staircase.

The staircase impresses with its seven connecting locks which together form the canal’s longest lock staircase. It is a breath-taking experience to see the boats lifted or lowered the 18.8 meters between Lake Roxen and Berg’s guest harbour. 

What then does the visitor say about the place? There are many great reviews on TripAdvisor from those who have visited and give full marks in the ratings! Here is one of many who had a wonderful visit to Berg Locks:

“A fantastic lock and a memory for life when you descended the locks with M/S Wilhelm Tham. I have to visit the locks again.”

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Linköping Cathedral – Sweden’s best preserved medieval cathedral

When you approach Linköping you see a steeple stretching into the sky. A steeple that shows you the way in to the heart of the city. It is Linköping Cathedral you have sighted. Once you get to it you will probably feel small in comparison to the impressive 107-meter-high tower!

Linköping Cathedral is Sweden’s best preserved medieval cathedral, and there is much to discover here; the gothic blind arcades with their strange stone figures, Golgata – the glass sculpture from Orrefors, Maria who spreads out her mantle of flowers over us from one of the windows. When you are inside the church it has been known for the beauty to take your breath away. This is an absolute must for all explorers of history!

What then does the visitor say about the place? There are many great reviews on TripAdvisor from those who have visited and give full marks in the ratings! Here is one of many who had an exciting journey of discovery in Linköping Cathedral:

“Linköping Cathedral is a mighty gothic cathedral, perhaps the foremost built in Sweden. It is well worth several visits. You discover something new every time. It also invites private devotion and serenity.”    

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Air Force Museum - The development of the Swedish Armed Forces

The Air Force Museum is the ultimate place for those of you who are fascinated by unique, historical airplanes! Here you can learn more about the development of Swedish defence aviation and see unique collections of items. You also have the opportunity to handle the JAS 39 Gripen simulator and try out being a fighter pilot for a while.

There are on-going activities for the whole family with everything from an experimental show in the air lab to guided tours of the museum’s premises. In the Cold War exhibition, you can for example experience a typical Swedish home from the beginning of the 1950s to the end of the 1980s.

The Air Force Museum in Linköping has also gained a place in “the 10 best museums in Sweden” from TripAdvisor. Visitors themselves have said – there is something magical about this museum.

What then does the visitor say about the place? There are many great reviews on TripAdvisor from those who have visited and give full marks in the ratings! Here is one of many who have explored the Air Force Museum’s world:

“Here you can easily spend from several hours to a whole day. There is a hall with airplanes from the very earliest to today’s. There is also an interesting exhibition on how Sweden changed from the cold war to the fall of the wall. A craft workshop. An exhibition on the DC-3 that disappeared. Lots of interesting things in other words.” 

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The Open Air Museum Gamla Linköping - Linköping 100 years ago

To visit the Open Air Museum in Gamla (the old part of) Linköping is to travel back 100 years in time. The whole city quarter breathes the turn of the century to 1900, with everything from contemporary general stores in charming timber buildings, to summer events and concerts in the enriching atmosphere of Folkparkstheatren, the people’s theatre in the park. Together with the genuine rural atmosphere at Valla Farm which is easily reached on foot, or the summer operating Choo-Choo Train, the museum offers something for everyone, old and young.

The Open Air Museum, Gamla Linköping came in sixth place in Sweden’s most visited museums 2018 – and for good reason!

Gamla Linköping is an open air museum which is open (and equally charming) all year round, moreover without an entrance fee.

Psst… If you think you recognise the setting here, you could actually have been here before! Have you some time in your childhood seen the film “Rasmus på luffen”? The urban scenes shown in the film are in fact from Gamla Linköping! Cool or what?  

What then does the visitor say about the place? There are many great reviews on TripAdvisor from those who have visited and give full marks in the ratings! Here is one of many who enjoyed being in Gamla Linköping:

“Wonderful oasis to stroll around in. In addition to lovely settings we appreciated for example that you are consistently in the moment. Personnel have clothes of the era, you have events which link to past times and you can see older forms of craft.” 

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Stora Torget – A pulsating city life

Stora Torget, the main square in Linköping, offers life and energy both day and night. In summer the town abounds with street cafés and restaurants where it can be hard to find a seat on a lovely warm evening, because everyone wants to be there to meet friends and acquaintances and soak up the atmosphere.

Stora Torget lies in the middle of the shopping area and is surrounded by restaurants and inns of all types. The square is also a living events venue – here for example, the inauguration of the Winter City in Lights, Linköping City Festival and Music Aid are held. And many come! Keep an eye on our events calendar for all events happening here. 

We Linköping residents prefer to walk or cycle through the city, as everything is close by. The hotels are located near the restaurants, which are close to the shops, which is next to Stångån for strolling and with a short walk to the theatre, yes you understand – the city is the definition of walking distance.

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