Winter activities in Linköping

Are you ready to enjoy the Swedish winter wonderland in Linköping? Here we have gathered some awesome activities for when the snow lies white on the ground and you just want to rush down a sledding hill, lace up your skates, test your skis or just have some fun when it´s a little too cold outside.

Go ice-skating

In the wintertime ice-skating can be enjoyed at a number of different ice rinks in and around Linköping. There are both indoor and outdoor ice rinks offering admission free ice-skating.

Ice-skating in central Linköping
Adjacent to Saab Arena is an indoor skating rink at Träningshallen and an outdoor rink at Bandybanan. Both of these are open to the public from mid/end of October until mid-February. For opening hours at Träningshallen and Bandybanan (Ispalatset), follow the link below.

Phone: +46 (0)13- 207197
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Outdoor maintained rinks
There are a number of maintained outdoor rinks around Linköping. Two of the more considerable ones are Isovalen by Linköping University´s campus and Bandybanan (Ispalatset) next to Saab Arena.

Phone: +46 (0)13-10 08 72
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Naturally frozen ice rinks
A fantastic experience (of course depending on the weather) is ice-skating on a frozen lake. Not much compares to ice-skating a sunny winter day when it freezes over into crystal-clear and incredibly smooth ice. Remember to always take proper safety precautions and never go out on your own. Always go with a friend, bring right safety equipment and make sure to evaluate conditions before heading onto the ice as ice conditions vary from day to day. For best and safe experiences, join the long-distance ice-skating club Linköpings Långfärdsskridskoklubb.

Linköpings Långfärdsskridskoklubb
View lakes and rivers in the area
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Ice skates
You don´t necessarily need a pair of ice skates of your own to go ice-skating. Rental skates are available at Campushallen at the university and certain hours at Bandybanan. If you are planning to do a lot of ice skating it may be worth buying a pair of your own. A good idea is to check out second hand shops where you find good deals.

Bandybanan - Ice skate rentals
Phone: +46 (0)709-280920
(limited opening hours and mainly mid-October to mid February)
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Phone: +46 (0)13-10 08 72
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Second-hand shops
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Photo: Josefine Schön

Go sled running

Not much compares to the old-fashioned fun of sledding! There are several centrally located slopes in Linköping well suited for sledding when weather permits.

The Valla slopes (Valla backarna)
At Valla Farm, adjacent to Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping the Valla slopes are perfect for sledding. The natural sled run is very popular among both students and families - the perfect place to enjoy beautiful winter weather!

583 30 Linköping

Skarpan (Berga)
Another natural sled run is at Skarpan. Directions:  Skarpan is located along road Haningeleden, and the entrance is opposite Tinnerö Nature Reserve (Tinnerö naturreservat). When arriving from the Garnisonen roundabout, heading towards Vidingsjö, you can see the Skarpan slope on your left hand side by the entrance after the shop Coop Extra.

Berga, 587 37 Linköping

Close to Aktivitetsparken (activity park) in Ryd (Rydsvägen 324) is another slope well suited for sled running. Steep on one side and less steep on the other, the sled run suits both big and small.

Rydsvägen 324
584 39 Linköping

Photo: Josefine Schön

Go skiing

Skiing is also a wonderful way of experiencing winter and nature!

Cross-country skiing at Vreta Ski Center
There are several different cross-country trails at Vreta Ski Center, which lies approximately a 20-minute drive north of central Linköping. Ski rentals are available at Vreta, remember to pre-book your ski equipment before 6 pm the day before. Meals are available at certain hours at the restaurant here, or pack your own picnic!

Vreta Ski Center
Björkovägen, 590 72 Ljungsbro
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