Kinda Canal – 80 km of countryside experiences

Kinda Canal in its entirety is impressive with its 80 km of countryside experiences, winding on through wide plains in the north to the scenic forest regions in the south. Breathe in the serenity, the fresh air and find your inner peace. Here there is a chance for everyone to find their undisturbed bathing bay, picnic spot or private haven.

Along the way, in addition to the fine countryside you will come upon many local entrepreneurs to enhance your journey – discover among other things Café Tannefors locks, Stafsäter Gårdsglass ice cream or stop off at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård diocese and take a yoga break. Let us discover all the adventures to be found along the Kinda canal together!    


Countryside around the Kinda Canal

Kinda Canal stretches through both Kinda municipality and Linköping municipality. Thanks to its lake system you can come on a close to nature adventure that suits the whole family. You will travel through leafy forests and narrow canals but also out on larger lakes such as Roxen, Rängen, Järnlunden and Åsunden. Scattered amongst islands and shore, you will find cosy accommodation and undisturbed bathing bays. How you choose to discover the canal is up to you – on foot, by bicycle, boat or cruising.

The canal is also perfect for canoeing in all its forms – canoe, kayak, SUP, as it has very calm water. Here you can discover the canal at your own speed, and experience the historically cultural countryside with its several thousand-year-old heritage and beautiful East Götaland landscape. Generally, you will paddle in peaceful and calm surroundings, but you could encounter the odd leisure craft or cruise boat.

You will also encounter rich lock life. Kinda Canal actually has 15 hand operated locks! Some real pearls to linger by are Tannefors locks, comprising three lock basins and elevation of 10.5 meters, with café and guest harbour in the area. Hovetorp locks lie beautifully embedded in oak landscape with a total level difference of 15.8 meters divided into four basins. And of course Sturefors lock, with its height difference of 3.2 meters. Also located only a short distance from this lock is Sturefors Castle, which dates from the 1300s.

Kinda Kanal

Cycle and walk along the Kinda Canal

A wonderful way to discover the countryside of Kinda Canal is on foot or bicycle. You come close to nature and get superb views along the way. Quite simply enjoy the relaxation of discovering the canal at your own pace. If you want to stay close to Linköping city we recommend that you take the Stångåstråket route, which is a string of special places to visit. The stretch is 14 km long and offers lots of tourist attractions.

If you want to go deeper into the forest you could try out the new route Ränger Runt, which is made up of the Östgöta Trail and Kyrk [Church] Trail. This stretch is 45 km long and you walk by the Stora Rängen Lake, passing many local artisans to enrich your experience, including Stafsäter Gårdglass ice-cream farm and Vårdäs Stifsgård diocese. The walk takes about 12 hours and requires a rest or two. You will pass 7 bathing spots, 4 wind shelters, 2 cafés, 4 hotels/hostels, 2 local heritage centres and many helpful villagers.

Vandra i Linköping

Boat on the Kinda Canal

If you are the lucky owner of your own boat, you can certainly set course and discover the canal completely at your own pace. Otherwise you could join an incredibly beautiful day trip, evening tour or shorter trip with a passenger boat. A cruise along the Kinda Canal is a trip through the countryside and delightful scenery. It is also a great journey in the time, in this little world. Travel for example, with M/S Kind for good eating, listening to music and socialising with friends.

Below we present a selection of all the cruises you can take (in Swedish). To see more tours, you can either go to M/S Kind website >>

Attractions and activities

As we said there is much to see and do along this part of the Kinda Canal which runs through Linköping municipality. We have gathered some of the really special ones you cannot miss!

Hovetorp Guest Harbour
Hovetorp Guest Harbour is a lovely destination with a fantastic atmosphere. Come and watch the locks and life afloat. The four locks at Hovetorp offer a level difference of 15.2 meters. The lower lock functions as a triple lock and the top lock as a single lock. During the latter 1860s, a 6 km long canal was dug from Stora Rängen Lake to Stångån River. The excavated stretch has a level difference of a full 25 meters.

Trollegater (Kinda Municipality)
Trollegater is one of Sweden’s largest underground caves. In the cave is a system of passages that are nearly one hundred meters long. The cave lies in south Östergötland where the number of underground caves is greater than anywhere else in the Nordic Region. Adventure and excitement await those who would discover Trollgater! Bring a torch and robust clothing. Booking of guided tours at Kinda Tourist Office.

Viggeby Nature Reserve
Viggeby Nature Reserve lies in the southern part of Linköping Municipality, by Lake Järnlunden immediately west of Brokind. Along rocky beaches with knotty pines and among the reserve’s islands you get the feeling of being in an archipelago. This diversified reserve comprises fine oak milieus, deciduous forests and several islands. The reserve is perfect for bathing visits in the summer or lovely forest walks. There is a bathing and picnic spot with fire pit, toilet and wind shelter.

Stafsäter Gårdglass
Stafsäter Farm is a little family business which offers locally produced ice-cream of the very best quality. The ice-cream is produced with milk from the cows on the farm and as much as possible with other ingredients from the farm or local neighbouring farms. All the ice-cream is made with natural ingredients. In the farm shop at Stafsäter you can buy ready-packed ice-cream to take home.

Café Tannefors slussar i Linköping

Eat along the Kinda Canal

Don’t forget to fill up with energy on your journey of discovery! Along the Stång River/Kinda Canal you are aware of the nearness and pulse of the city – there are several cosy restaurants and cafés here in the proximity of the canal. Otherwise you can take a walk to Tannefors locks and indulge yourself at Café Tannefors Locks while you look out over the boats ascending and descending the lock staircase. Pick and choose!

Bowling i Linköping

Taperia Strandgatan två

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Restaurang Stångs Magasin

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Verandan vid ån i Linköping

Verandan vid ån

Welcome to the town’s loveliest restaurant and terrace with Linköping’s finest view.

Verandan is open all year, and inside meets outside just as the ...

Accommodation along the Kinda Canal

As mentioned earlier, you can discover the canal in several different ways and it can be done at different times – you can of course also stay overnight in the scenic countryside! You can, for example, rent a 4-bed cabin, hot-tub & rowboat in Sturefors lock >> (in Swedish) or stop at one of the other accommodations you come upon along the way. If you happen to end up outside Linköping municipality and stumble into Kinda Municipality, accommodation at Rimforsa Strand is a great choice. Either way it is worth extending your journey of discovery to several days!

Overnight Stay

Sure Hotel by Best Western Stångå

Vi är ett centralt hotell i Linköping, bara ett stenkast från tågstationen. En vistelse hos oss börjar med ett varmt och personligt bemötande. Personalens angelägenhet om att ge god service i kombination med de faciliteter som erbjuds till ett ...

Vårdnäs Stiftsgård

We usually say that here you can stay in everything from shelters to hotel rooms. Our individually decorated rooms available as well as single or double rooms. Guests with disabilities have 10 rooms to choose from. Are you allergic, we have some ...

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There is such an incredible amount to discover along the full length of the Kinda Canal – both in Linköping Municipality and also Kind Municipality. If you want to read about more accommodation options, canoeing, good food, locks, tourist attractions, outdoor life or see a map of the lake system, please visit Kinda Canal’s own website.

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