Amundebo Södergård camping

Amundebo Södergård

Amundebo Södergård is beautifully situated in the countryside by the lake in Ulrika. At Amundebo you can choose to stay in a cabin (fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom) or on the camping. Amundebo also has a sauna for their guests to use.

At Amundebo the outside recereation area Äventyrsgården attracts children due to the many activities, as well as small animals to get acquainted with. Äventyrsgården is closed during summer 2021 due to the pandemic.

Ulrika is a beautiful wooded area, make sure to explore the nature reserve Ycke urskog (ancient forest) while you are here and hike the trails of Östgötaleden. Ulrika is located 44 km south of Linköping.


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Amundebo Södergård
590 53 Ulrika