A taste of locally produced food

In Linköping, we are surrounded by fields on all sides. Our city is beautifully situated in the middle of the fertile Östgöta plains, where food production is higher than it is in many other places. Enjoy the wide selection of locally produced food - you can either buy provisions at one of the farm shops or enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Östgötamat is a web portal for food, raw ingredients and culinary experiences. You can find many exciting producers and growers, farm shops and restaurants here. On the website, you'll learn that the province's national dish is crisp potato pancakes with fried pork and lingonberry preserves. This is no coincidence - ever since the potato made its way to Sweden, Östergötland province has been a huge potato producer. In addition, we have always been big producers of pork, and our woods are filled with lingonberries. This dish has been a favorite since the 19th century.

Would you like to know how it's prepared? A genuine potato pancake from this county is made of our own raw, grated potatoes. The grated potatoes are fried in a pancake pan in which moderately thick slices of pork were fried first. The remaining pork fat is what makes the pancakes so crisp. However, it is important not to fill the entire bottom of the pan with the potato batter. Cover only half of the pan with batter and turn the pancake when one side has reached the right degree of crispness.

If you're lucky enough to be in Linköping on a Tuesday, when most of the city's restaurants are serving this dish for lunch, be prepared to stand in line for a table.

Would like to know about the restaurants and producers that are part of Östgötamat and Regional Matkultur [food culture] in the Municipality of Linköping? Then take a look at the list of links on this page and let your imagination guide you to many exciting, culinary adventures!