Storan Vin


Somehow history lies in the very walls of Storan. Which is not actually so strange – men have eaten, drunk, laughed and toasted here for over a hundred years now. At Storan thousands of people have met for the first time – some for the last – and at least that many unique memories have been created. Promises have been honoured and secrets exchanged. Love has blossomed and hearts have been broken. All of this within the same walls, for over a century.

Certainly, the restaurant has changed profile several times over the years. The menu has altered and the table cloths have been replaced. But despite this we have always managed to maintain that special something that makes Storan what it is. That thing that is so hard to put your finger on, and even harder to explain.       

One could describe Storan as a modern restaurant rooted in old traditions. We serve classic Swedish dishes prepared with modern methods. Often locally produced, always with a good finish. But when all is said and done, Storan is much more than that. Storan is a place where businessmen and media people raise a glass with old dogs and happy pensioners.   

A restaurant where families are as much in evidence as a girls outing. And above all Storan is a meeting place where you always feel welcome, no matter who you are. A place where different types of people meet and create memories for life.    

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Elite Stora Hotellet, Stora Torget
Stora Torget 9
582 19 Linköping