Welcome to Visit Linköping & Co

Welcome to Visit Linköping & Co, Linköping’s business visitor’s corporation

Do you want to put on an event, organise a convention, find the right sports arena for a championship or develop your operation as a business visitor in Linköping – we are your independent partner, sounding board, collaborator or natural point of contact to the business community and municipality.

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Welcome to the Event City Linköping

An event is so much about feelings and personal experience that it is hard to describe with words. We can offer you, the organiser, a Linköping with many year’s experience, large target population, flexible arena capacity and great accessibility. But that little something extra that we can offer cannot be described in words, it must be experienced.

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Welcome to the conference city Linköping

Linköping – a welcoming conference city which has for decades been shaped by aviation, IT and top eco-technology. With its University, University Hospital, Mjärdevi Science Park, SAAB and flourishing commerce, Linköping breathes innovation. Something that has, over many years, built up a close cooperation between student life, city life and business life, and created a strong and growing conference city.

About Visit Linköping & Co

Visit Linköping & Co is Linköping’s business visitor’s corporation. We market and develop Linköping as one of Sweden’s leading visitor, event and conference destinations. We work together with the municipality and the business community to increase development of visiting business in Linköping and create an attractive destination for both Linköping residents and visitors.

Our goal

About Linköping

Linköping, where ideas become reality!

Its very charm is in its size. Large enough to have almost everything, small enough to have it all nearby. Linköping is quite simply a small big city with the event and conference experience of a capital. You are welcome here for your next event and conference!


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Johan Rustan, SEO
+46 (0)13-190 00 40

Caroline Staaf, Head of Marketing
+46 (0)13-190 00 42

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Sandra Strand, Communications Officer
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A carbon neutral Linköping by 2025.
Linköping municipality’s objective to achieve a more sustainable society for present and future residents of Linköping is ambitious, but we absolutely believe that together we can accomplish it. It simply depends on everyone being aware and playing their part. We plan to do this in any way we can. A sustainable city where sustainable conferences and events take place, is something we strive for in our work.

Vi hade ett fantastiskt 2016 tillsammans med er Linköping! Tack för att ni är med och gör vår stad till en så otroligt härlig, spännande och glädjefylld plats att vara i.