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Things to see and do in Linköping

Unique adventures, sites and experiences in Linköping!

A mother, a child, and a dog taking a walk in Old Linköping.A mother, a child, and a dog taking a walk in Old Linköping.

Linköping is the little big city with a lot to offer – for young and old alike. With its lively vibe and rich cultural scene, interesting mix of modern architecture, historic castles and canals, Linköping is truly an eclectic destination!

Nature experiences

For those who appreciate fresh air and endless possibilities in nature!

Nature experiences


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Family Experiences

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5 musts in Linköping

DIscover Linköping’s top attractions.

Top attractions: 5 musts in Linköping


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Student in Linköping

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Things to experience in Linköping, Sweden

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