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Tourist Information in Linköping


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Information about must do´s in Linköping as well as accommodation, activities, museums, restaurants and big happenings in Linköping is found here on our website

For printed maps and guides for Linköping, welcome to visit one of Linköping´s InfoPoints, see list below.

Visit Linköping & Co´s main office is at Konsert & Kongress. Welcome to Konsert & Kongress reception (also an InfoPoint) to pick up Ticketmaster concert tickets, purchase souvenirs and postcards and find out more about what is on in LInköping!

Konsert & Kongress Opening Hours 2019: Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm. Closed weekends.

In the summer, Visit Linköping & Co hosts tourist information at Bergs Slussar, north of Linköping. The Bergs Slussar Tourist Information office is open 9 am-6 pm daily (summertime only).

Welcome to Linköping!

Welcome to one of our InfoPoints for maps and other tourist information!

Infopoint logga

Akademibokhandeln C Storgatan (book shop)
Storgatan 32/Göran Dyks Gata 3
582 23 Linköping

Bergs Slussar Tourist Information Office (summer only)
Oscars slussar 2
590 77 Vreta kloster

Ebbas Blommor (flower shop)
S:t Larsgatan 25 A
582 24 Linköping

Flygvapenmuseum (The Swedish Air Force Museum)
Carl Cederströms gata 2
586 63 Linköping

Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping (Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum)
582 46 Linköping

Galleria Gränden (shopping mall)
Nygatan 22, Lilla Torget
582 19 Linköping

Glyttinge Camping
Berggårdsvägen 6
584 37 Linköping

i-HUSET (shopping mall)
Västra Svedengatan 7D
581 28 Linköping

Kårallen, Linköping University
581 83 Linköping

Linköping City Airport
Åkerbogatan 20
582 54 Linköping
Linköping Konsert & Kongress (concerts, conferences & ticket office)
Konsistoriegatan 7
582 22 Linköping

Medborgarkontor Stadsbiblioteket (citizens´office at the library)
Östgötagatan 5
582 32 Linköping

Medborgarkontor Berga (citizens´office)
Söderleden 46 (at Berga church)
587 35 Linköping

Medborgarkontor Skäggetorp (citizens´office)
Skäggetorps Centrum 1
586 42 Linköping

Norins Ost (cheese shop)
Nygatan 21
582 19 Linköping

Pressbyrån Trädgårdstorget (news agent)
Trädgårdstorget 4
582 24 Linköping

Skådebanan i Trädgårdsföreningen (ticket office & cultural information)
Drottninggatan 40
582 27 Linköping

Slotts- och Domkyrkomuseum (Linköping Castle- and Cathedral Museum)
582 28 Linköping

Vårdnäs Stiftsgård (hotel, B&B, meetings)
590 45 Brokind

Ulrikabutiken (grocery shop)
Gammalkilsvägen 9
590 53 Ulrika
0142-911 90

* Please visit the specific website for opening hours

Konsistoriegatan 7
582 22 Linköping