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Welcome to Kinda canal

Kinda canal from the above.

For those seeking beautiful natural experiences and tranquility, welcome to the Kinda Canal. The canal is a narrow stretch spanning 80 kilometers, offering diverse landscapes and experiences, stretching from the city of Linköping in the north to the towns of Horn and Hycklinge in the south.

Discover the canal in your own way. There are several ways to explore the Kinda Canal, whether you prefer being on the water or staying on land. What all options have in common are breathtaking views and lush nature.

A private boat at Hovetorp lock at Kinda canal

With your own boat

With its 15 manually operated locks, the Kinda Canal spans 80 kilometers, winding its way through the heart of Östergötland. You can navigate from Linköping in the north to the towns of Horn and Hycklinge in the south on a leisurely boat trip. The canal’s character varies along the journey – whether you prefer nature and culture, tranquility, or locally sourced gourmet cuisine, everything is within reach on a boat excursion. There are simply many treasures to discover!

The curising boat MS Kinda at Tannefors slussar

Cruise on the Kinda Canal

For those who don’t explore the Kinda Canal with their own boat, there is an opportunity to join a breathtakingly beautiful day tour, evening cruise, or a shorter journey on a passenger boat. A cruise along the Kinda Canal is a journey through landscapes and enchanting scenery. It’s also a significant journey through time in this small world. Join either M/S Kind for delightful dining, music, and socializing with friends, or M/B Stockholm to reach the Bergs locks or gently navigate up to Tannefors.

A woman paddling on the lake Stora Rängen.

Paddle on the Kinda Canal

The Kinda Canal and its lake system offer excellent paddling waters for a significant part of the year. Canoe docks are conveniently located near all the locks, allowing you to portage past them easily. For those who prefer to bypass the locks, there is fantastic paddling on the expansive lakes to the south.

A woman hiking along the Kinda canal.

Hiking or biking Along the Kinda Canal

A wonderful way to discover the nature of the Kinda Canal is by foot or bicycle. You’ll get up close to nature and enjoy first-class views along the journey. Simply savor the tranquility of exploring the canal at your own pace.