Guided tours in Linköping

When you're in Linköping, don't miss the chance to take a tour with a real guide. Learn about historical places and times gone by from our skilled guides. Let them show you around downtown Linköping, the open-air museum of Gamla (Old) Linköping, or perhaps on a nature hike in the lovely oak woodland. Below you can choose between different types of tours depending on what appeals to you or what you are interested in.

Guided tours in Linköping

The Linköping Guide Club provides guided city tours. You can go on regular foot tours of the city, tours of medieval cellars, dramatized walks and bus tours.

The Linköping guide club was founded in 1983 and consists of entrepreneurs and individuals interested in historical tours. Its activities are controlled by a board of directors elected by the members.

Linköpings Guideklubb
Booking, phone: 0768-554334

Castles, monastries and churches

Linköping Cathedral - read more here!

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Vreta Kloster kyrka och klosterruin - Read more about guided tours here! 

Guided tours at Flygvapenmuseum, the Swedish Air Force Museum