Ballpoint Paintball

Want to play paintball? You are at the right place!

We have everything needed :
The best stuff for different levels
A great place to play
Help and service if you want and need


Beach Arena

At Beach Arena in Linköping , we have summer all year round! Play beach volleyball, test our popular group exercises like Zumba. We also offer possibilities for corporate events, bachelor / bachelorette parties, children's parties, meeting in the sand , etc.

We have invested in a powerful sound system and a flexible stage that can accommodate everything from a solo singer to a big band or choir. Reservation of group fitness and beach course made ​​through our website. Follow us on social media to not miss our offers, girl evenings and other events!

Welcome to the beach !


Welcome to Sporthallens Bowling! Here everyone can go bowling. No one is too old and no one is too young - gather family and friends and book a lane.

Fun skate park

In the Fun Skate Park there are bumps, stairs, banks, gaps, rails and ledges. The park is always open and in the evenings and nights the lights are turned on.


Hangaren Hot Sport Center

Hangaren Hot Sport Center is a sports center that offers skate hall, climbing wall and various other activities. You can rent the skate hall when it is not open for others. So between 8 pm and 12 am the following day. Hangaren Hot Sport Center will charge a fee of 1500 : - , 500 - is a deposit that you get back if you for example break something. If you rent the place overnight, you get access to the staff room with microwave, pool table, couches and big screen etc .


Ice Palace in Linköping is a company wholly owned by the LHC - Linköping Hockey Club. 

Stångebro sportfält
Stångebro Sportfält is located east of Stångån at the Toll Bridge. Here are three ice rinks, artificially frozen bandy rink, six irrigated soccer fields, baseball field and premises for fencing, wrestling and weight lifting. Racket Centre adjacent to Stångebro hall allows the opportunity for tennis, badminton and squash and is run by Linköping Tennis Club phone: +46 (0)13-12 18 58. 

Linköpings Discgolf

Disc golf is a simple and enjoyable sport for all ages. The only thing required is a frisbee or disc as it is called. There are several courses in and around Linköping.

Stångebro disc golf course is a beginner-friendly 9-hole course in the park area next to the Saab Arena in central Linköping. In Rydskogen is a beautiful and challenging forest course with 18 holes. There is also a 9-hole course in the park in Bjärka Saby where you can also take the opportunity to sit in the castle's pleasant cafe. There is a 12 - hole course with very short holes at Olstorps fitness center in Ljungsbro.

Linköpings långfärdsskridskoklubb

Skating on natural ices is a growing outdoor activity in Sweden. The frozen lakes, channels and the sea affects people of all ages. The county of Östergötland in Sweden is well suited for skating on natural ices. We have a lot of good waters that will freeze in the winter. Usually we don't get that much snow and often the snow that eventually will fall soon melts due to rain. If the snow doesn't melt, there will be open waters on larger lakes or on the sea that can freeze.


Linköpings Paintball

Compete and have fun with your colleagues, friends, bridal shower or bachelor party. We have a large selection of exciting activities and games! Our adventure facility includes paintball arena, stand, barbecue and parking. All with good connection to Linkoping C. Of course, we can also offer mobile events.


Linköping Sportcenter

Linköping Sportcenter - a sports center for everyone!

Gym, badminton, table tennis, tennis, squash or football all year round.



Linköping Squashcenter

Takes only minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. Squash is a fun, fast and intense sport that is guaranteed to give you great condition, quick reflexes and strong legs. The advantage is that you get plenty of exercise in a short time.

Linköping Squash Center offers six squash courts. If you are a beginner, you have the opportunity to take lessons to rapidly develop your game.

Better condition? Or strong muscles?
Here you will find a brand new gym with all the equipment you need for your workout.
Relax in one of our five solarium. All beds are in 20 minutes with extra reinforcement for the face.
Enjoy a wonderful massage with us at the Squash Center! Our certified masseur offers first-class treatment according to your preferences.

Linköping Squashcenter +46 (0)13 - 31 29 60
Platensgatan 8 – 582 20 Linköping!
Contact : Annika Thunqvist Tel. +46 (0)707-592731


Naturguiden Svenska Äventyr AB

Arranges eco-adventure and nature experiences for companies and private groups. Our arrangements in the wilderness provides challenging adventures and great nature experiences. Kayaking, climbing, nordic skating, chef duels over an open fire and much more.