Galleri Krogen Amerika

Is located in the same location as "Krogen". Krogen is a workshop where the artists work with woodcuts, copper graphics, photo-based etchings, lithographs and computer graphics.

Galleri Magnifiket, Missionskyrkan

Eight times every year the upper floor in Missionskyrkan changes. The shape of the walls are then being changed, and all visitors are greeted by new images, new ways of expression. To lay your eyes on.

Galleri R

Gallery R has 6-8 exhibitions per year with paintings, watercolors, sculptures, glass and graphics made by both Swedish and international artists. We are located in central Linköping, at Ågatan 25. Welcome!

Galleri Sander i Linköping AB

Gallery Sander has been located in Linköping for nearly 10 years and is based on many years of genuine interest in art. The idea has always been to create a venue for artistic experiences. We want to attract visitors from the general public and offer a mix of different art styles. We have 10-12 exhibitions per year.

We focus mainly on showing Swedish art but also international art. We show paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, glass and ceramics, and we are working with both new and established artists.

Galleri Vreta Kloster

Gallery Vreta is a new gallery in Linköping. It is located 10 km north of the city, near Göta Kanal. In one direction, we have Vreta convent ruins and the medieval church, and in the other is Berg with its many locks.


The art hall at Stora torget (the main square) organizes seven exhibitions every year with a focus on contemporary art all the different forms of expression. Seminars, public discussions and group tours are included as a natural part of our business. Also public evenings are organized with lectures, young music live, events, etc. Free entrance.