Linköping offers varied and tasty cuisine with influences from every corner of the world. But we are especially proud of our own Östgöta food. Our city is beautifully situated amidst the fertile plains of Östgötland which provide ingredients of the highest quality. Our countryside consists of open landscape and dense forests and is rich in lakes and streams. This means great opportunities for food producers and restaurants to avail themselves of the best that nature has to offer. Old recipes are combined with contemporary elements and the region’s produce is transformed into new exciting culinary experiences. As a visitor you can enjoy a wide range of locally produced food.


In Linköping you can choose between different exciting cuisines depending on what suits you and your taste. We know there is something for every palate. Italian influences, fine dining, cosy bistros, hot Asian or why not a cut of meat of the finest ...


Well-known cafes, a cultural café, or why not enjoy a cup of coffee in an old church? Opportunities are many, depending on what exactly you are looking for.