Linköping in 24 hours

If you arrive in Linköping in the morning, a great way to start the day is to drop in at one of the many cafés that line the city's charming squares. Inside or outside seating? It all depends on the weather. Watch the city wake from its slumber as you plan the rest of the day. Most everything is within easy walking distance.

If you're in the mood for a quiet cultural experience, we highly recommend a visit to our magnificent medieval cathedral, Domkyrkan. More art awaits you at the Slotts- och Domkyrkomuseet [Castle and Cathedral Museum] located opposite the cathedral. The castle also houses the private residence of the County Governor of Östergötland.

At our big, airy Stadsbibliotek [city library], ease into a cozy armchair and read the newspaper. All of these attractions are situated in beautiful park settings, of which we have plenty in Linköping.

Shopping time

Once the stores have opened, stroll down to Stora Torget Square and revel in the energy at the heart of the city. If you're lucky, it's market day. Depending on the time of year, merchants will be selling flowers, fruits and vegetables or Christmas ornaments, holiday treats and leather slippers.

Together, our larger town squares and their neighboring streets offer a wide range of shopping options for every taste. Look for trendy boutiques that feature designer clothes and gifts, gorgeous jewelry, superb cheeses and selected chocolates. You'll also find larger stores specializing in sports and outdoor recreation; shopping malls; cafés and restaurants to quell your hunger; and book and music shops to satisfy your soul.

Lunch amidst flora the year round
Is it lunchtime already? For a change of pace, cross Drottninggatan Street and enter the world of the Trädgårdsföreningen [Garden Society], Linköping's biggest open green space. In addition to beautiful and unusual plantings, this green oasis offers a playground, a boules course, and sometimes in summertime - free outdoor exercise classes and concerts. Enjoy lunch surrounded by lush vegetation inside the spectacular Tropikhuset greenhouse. After lunch, why not stroll around the Naturcentrum [nature center] and pick up gardening tips or relax over coffee in the Belvedere lookout tower?

Never far from the water
If it's a warm summer day, take a dip in Simhallen´s outdoor pool. A walk along the Stångån River/Kinda Canal is a delightful experience any time of year, and here too, you can select from a variety of restaurants and cafés if you feel like an afternoon snack.

Not ready to call it a day? Wander over to the Stora Torget-Ågatan neighborhood, where you will discover a vibrant nightlife filled with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. And don't forget to keep an eye out for some of the exciting theater, sports and concert events that are a regular part of Linköping's entertainment scene.

When your feet are tired from all that walking and your head is reeling from the day's adventures, you're probably ready for a good night's sleep - the city is home to hotels and hostels to fit every budget.

Also near city center....
Want to explore other sights and sounds associated with our city? With one of our biofuel-powered busses, you can go on an excursion to either Gamla (Old) Linköping or the Flygvapenmuseum [Air Force Museum] for several hours of enjoyment!