Linkopings Cathedral in stormy weather

A rainy day in Linköping

In Linköping, you never need to worry about an uneventful day when rain is spattering on the windowpane – there is plenty to explore here! Perhaps the day won’t turn out as you planned when the forecast promised brilliant sunshine, but what does that matter? Cast aside the rain coats and wellies and discover what you can do indoors in Linköping on a rainy day.     

Visit a museum

Escape the rain for a while and step into a world of knowledge! In Linköping there are several exciting museums to discover. If you have never visited the Air Force Museum, then this rainy day is the time to do it! It is both rewarding and fun regardless of whether you are a fan of flight or not. You will get an unforgettable trip through the flying history of the 1900s and be able to visit many aircraft unique in the world.

If you would prefer to go on a nostalgic trip, there is a real gem on the Östgöta plains. Namely the Kornettgården Collection and Café. View collections and tableaux from times gone by, from way back in the 1800s all the way to the 1980s. There is no problem at all filling up your time, as the private museum has thousands of exciting items and collections. The rain will probably have passed before you manage to discover it all.

If it starts to pour with rain when you are wandering round the Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum, there is an exciting museum here too – at the Discovery Workshop, Fenomenmagasinet. Get an understanding of everyday phenomena such as optics, how the human body works and electricity. No matter where you find yourself in Linköping when the bad weather strikes, there are several exciting museums to head for.  

Take a relaxing moment

The pitter-patter of rain outside often has a relaxing effect on people. There is something cosy about rain. You want to snuggle down and just feel good. On this rainy day there are several places in Linköping you can do just that!

The latest addition to spas and health in Linköping is the The Wellbox, part of the Quality Hotel The Box. Step into 600 square meters of relaxation and just forget the grey weather outdoors. Jacuzzi, outdoor pool, footbath, steam bath, dry sauna and perhaps the most luxurious of all – a champagne bubble pool.

If the rain is unavoidable when you find yourself near to Linköping City, you are close to p.a.u.s. Beauty and Health which is located at Quality Hotel Ekoxen. Massage, chocolate wrap, algae wrap, hot stones – there are a number of treatments that will make you forget the sudden downpour.

Attend an event

Don’t let a little rain stop you from doing something fun! In Linköping there are plenty of arenas for cultural offerings in all their forms, day and night. Rainy days invite concerts, theatre, stand-up, guided tours, cruises – you name it! There is always something to be found in Linköping.

Will the rain bring you to great concerts with top Swedish artists? At both Linköping Konsert & Kongress concert hall and the Saab Arena there are masses of exciting performances to discover. Get inspiration on the link below and see what is going on in Linköping today.

Eat well at Cafés and Restaurants

In Linköping there are many great restaurant and café owners with whom you can enjoy something tasty while the rain is splashing down outside. Several of them are so good that they have become recognised by the White Guide, Sweden’s leading restaurant guide.

From summer 2019 Linköping has two new friends in the restaurant guide. This year the 101 best summer cafés in Sweden were named and, of course, Boställets Vedugnsbageri and Simons Rosteri & Bageri each had their place on the list. Congratulations!

Whether you have stepped into the warmth for a light snack or a hot meal, we hope that if you were chilled by the rain outside, you will thaw out nicely!

Go shopping

In Linköping city there are many shops within easy reach, which luckily means you won’t get completely soaked by the rain. Within a short walk you will find the biggest chain stores, trendy galleries, exclusive boutiques and professional speciality shops collected around pleasant squares and friendly pedestrian streets.    

Tornby, i-HUSET and IKEA
In north Linköping, one of Sweden’s largest commercial centres is located - Tornby shopping centre. In the Tornby commercial centre, right by the E4, just a few kilometres northwest of Linköping’s town centre, lies i-HUSET. Around 5 million visitors come here every year to shop in over 60 stores catering to all styles and tastes. There are shops for quick everyday errands, inspirational browsing, last minute presents, interior décor and IKEA which has direct access from the shopping centre.

If the rain surprises you when you are out on the plains of Linköping, there are plenty of local farm shops to pop into, to escape the rain and also to shop ecologically!

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