en tjej går med ett paraply  på en gata och det regnar

Linköping on a rainy day

If you wake up to the gentle sounds of summer rain and the swimming excursion to Lake Roxen in Berg or to Stora Rängen in Bestorp no longer seem so inviting, it's time to think of something else fun to do.

If you simply can't let go of the swimming idea, you can swim indoors at the Linköping Simhall swimming complex. Among its major attractions are two 25-meter pools, a water slide, a diving tower, a wave and swimming pool, a spa facility, Roman baths, saunas, solariums, spinning machines, two gyms, including a spinning section, and a restaurant.

If you were on your way to Berg anyway, don't miss the Museihuset [museum house] in Ljung. Unlike many other museums, it is also open on Mondays. In addition to being Scandinavia's biggest motorboat and toy car museum, it houses a huge (and partly antique) model railroad. Motorbåtsmuseet [Motorboat Museum] is ranked as one of the five greatest vintage boat museums in the world, and Museihuset's collection of 9,000 toy cars is also in a class by itself.

While you're in these parts, Kulla Kornettgård farm is also worth a visit. This private collection includes thousands of items from bygone times, including an old-fashioned kitchen and café, a barbershop and beauty salon from the 50s and 60s, cameras, telephones and much, much more.

On the way back to town, stop at Vreta Kloster cloister and explore the beautiful, 12th century medieval church. It is surrounded by the ruins of the Benedictine convent, which was founded around the same time as the church. Vreta Kloster was Sweden's first cloister. On your way back to the city, we hope the sun makes an appearance so that you can enjoy the gorgeous view across the fields down to Roxen.

Shopping or IT history
As you're driving into Linköping, you will pass Tornby. In addition to IKEA, the IKANO-huset mall comprises more than 60 stores selling shoes, the latest fashions, lingerie and much more. Though there are busses from Linköping, the easiest way to get here is by car. Other stores in the area specialize in home furnishings, appliances, toys, and electrical and household items. In the neighborhood around the mall, look for the home improvement stores; Biltema, with car accessories and much more; and sporting goods and computer stores.

Speaking of computers, a "must visit" is the IT-ceum, a computer museum whose aim is to document, preserve and describe Sweden's IT history. The museum is located in Östergötland Museum. There's an excellent restaurant on the ground floor of the museum.

Something special for the children
Doesn't the Busfabriken [mischief factory] sound really cool? This fun place is located on Vimarkagatan Street, near the Linköping Airport; it's open every day and suitable for children up to 13 years of age. Busfabriken is a 3,000 m² indoor playland. Kids can ride down huge slides, crawl through pipes and alleys, play air hockey, run, jump, climb on jungle gyms, tumble around in a ball room, jump on trampolines and generally engage in creative play. While the kids are having fun, the adults can relax in the restaurant, at the billiard table or in the internet café.

The Fenomenmagasinet, located in the open-air museum of Gamla (Old) Linköping, is a three-story science center featuring more than 200 educational experiments about science and technology - it touches on everything from how the ear functions to how one passes through the locks of the Göta Canal. If you're up for it, you can also pretend to be the pilot of a Saab 2000 turboprop airplane. Curiosity is the only thing that's required to appreciate the opportunity to test, examine and experiment in order to learn more about everyday phenomena.

And for great way to end the day: A visit to the nearby Cloetta chocolate factory shop!

Prison Island Linköping
Prison Island is the latest and coolest Prison Island in Sweden. A completely unique prison adventure with challenges for all from ten years and upward, younger children are welcome, accompanied by adults. Here you will find everything for an unforgettable experience. Brainteasing prison cells, café, changing room with shower and conference facilities. Gather your friends, form a team and together crack the challenges in the prison cells. Co-operate, have fun and pick up as many points as you can. Everything is possible and the best team always wins!