Getting around Linköping

Linköping invests in a green and attractive town environment and the city has a bold goal: to become an absolutely carbon neutral city within a few years. This eco-friendly city has a robust public transportation system that helps commuters to go around the city without having to depend on their personal vehicles. 

For information about electric vehicle charging points welcome to have a look at the map at the bottom of this page. Have a nice ride!


By public transport

It is easy and convenient getting around Linköping by public transport. Surrounding areas are also within easy reach from Linköpings resecentrum (the bus- and train station). By Östgötatrafiken´s local trains: Linghem (5 min), Mantorp (12 min) and Vikingstad (7 min). Plan your journey ahead on Östgötatrafiken´s website!

For more information, visit Östgötatrafiken´s website or call +46 (0)771 - 21 10 10.

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By bike

It is not for nothing that Linköping is called the bike town. Major efforts have been made to create bicycle lanes both in the city center as well as in the outskirts of Linköping. Although Linköping is Sweden's fifth largest municipality, distances are limited. Starting from the main square, most of the city is within a radius of 4 kilometers.

To ensure you get around safely on your bike, the municipality of Linköping distributes free bike route maps, There is also information about bike-accessible playgrounds and bathing places. 

Here you can read more about biking in Linköping and download bike route maps. If you prefer printed information, welcome to pick up your bike route map at any of Linköping´s InfoPoints

Bike rental places in Linköping

Andreas Cykel
(used rental bicycles)
Sankt Larsgatan 13
Phone: +46762-52 59 26

City Skomakeri
(used rental bicycles)
Drottninggatan 26
Phone: +4613-31 30 80, +46732-55 07 22

T1 Cykelbutik
(Rent new and used bicycles)
Rekrytgatan 11
Phone: +4613-14 36 36, +46735-11 02 21
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Summer open bike rental in Berg Slussar by Göta Canal
Summertime, Kaffeteriet´s rental bikes are available at the tourist information office in Bergs Slussar, at the Göta Canal.
Call for bike reservations: +46727-139440
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Transporting your bike by boat
NOTE! Must be pre-booked.
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By car - parking

Parking in central Linköping 
When arriving by car to central Linköping, there are a number of multi-storey parking garages to choose between. These are conveniently located in the main shopping district, near other city attractions, and Sundays, you park free of charge! Also some outdoor street parking is available for quick stops. Note that most parking machines in Linköping only accept payment by credit card. If you plan on staying longer, a good idea is to download the parking app LinPark.

Parking is free of charge in the parking lots outside the i-Huset mall and other stores in Tornby.

Leave your car and take public transport!
A good idea is to park your car and explore Linköping by bike or bus instead! There are several parking areas adjacent to Linköpings resecentrum (bus- and train station) to choose between. 

Charging stations for electric vehicles
It´s easy to access a charging point for your electric vehicle! Check out the map down below for where you can charge your car! 

For information about parking locations and tariffs, please visit Dukaten´s website.

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Car rentals in Linköping

By taxi

Several taxi companies apply fixed prices in Linköping, always ask about the price before the trip! The following taxi companies apply a fixed tariff.

Taxibil i Östergötland AB
Phone: +4613-14 60 00 / +4613-10 10 00
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TaxiKurir Linköping
Phone: +4613-150 000
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By boat

There are plenty of opportunities to spend time on the water in Linköping with several lakes and two canals in the area: the Göta Canal and the Kinda Canal. Linköping is actually the municipality with the greatest number of canal locks in Sweden!

Kinda Canal flows between the biggest lake in Linköping, lake Roxen, south through the lakes Lilla- and Stora Rängen, Järnlunden and finally into lake Åsunden in Kinda. The lush surroundings are very scenic both from land and the water and are perfect for hiking, bike rides and kayaking!

Gästhamnsguiden i Linköping

Linköpings guest ports
There are a number of ports within the municipality of Linköping. Click on the guest ports below for further information.

Bestorp >
Hovetorps slussar >
Tannefors slussar >
Linköpings centrum >


Skepparguiden i Linköping

Göta Canal's SkepparGuide 2019/2020
Read more about guest ports along the Göta Canal (se) 
Download the guide here

Rent a bus

Phone: +4613-450 35
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Phone: +4613-100 208
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Vikingbuss AB
Phone: +4613-14 15 16
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Wärnelius Buss AB

Phone: +4613-750 56
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Bus parking

Buses can park with a parking permit at any of the following places:

S:t Larsgatan
Bus parking on S:t Larsgatan (next to park Järnvägsparken), just north from intersection of S:t Larsgatan and Järnvägsavenyn/Vasavägen. Contact Dukaten for permit at +46 13-20 54 10.

Busses can park on Gröngatan, next to the Akilles car parking. Contact Dukaten for permit at +4613-20 67 50. 

Gamla Linköping museum
Parking for several busses is available at Gamla Linköping alongside Malmslättsvägen.