Close experiences

Linköping is close! With a strategic location adjacent to both the E4 and the Southern Main Line, it is easy to go either north or south with both train and car. A perfect starting point when you have experienced everything there is to see and do in Linköping!

Linköping is located midway between Sweden’s wildest attraction and most child-friendly attraction – Kolmården Wildlife Park and Astrid Lindgren’s World. With about one hour’s car drive to each you can visit both and rest up at one of Linköping’s many family-friendly hotels in between. Read more about some of Sweden’s largest and best attractions below.

Kolmården Wildlife Park

At Kolmården you can see wild animals from every corner of the world – an animal park that is filled with exciting experiences for all ages. You can ride the cable car, the savannah abundant with wild animals stretching out beneath you, come scarily close to the tigers in Tiger World, experience a magic dolphin show and much more. For children there is Bamse’s World which takes you on a breath-taking tour on Godiståget (the Sweet Train), you will visit Bamse Bear at home and can also go on Bamse’s Adventure Walk in the animal park. 

Where: Immediately north of Norrköping.
Distance from Linköping by car: 70kms – 50min.

Astrid Lindgren’s World

Meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the roof. Visit Mattisborgen, Bullerbyn or Bråkmakargatan. Here in Vimmerby in Småland you will meet most of the characters and settings that Astrid Lindgren wrote about. Play and run around, experience well-known scenes from the books and be a part of the popular stories.

Where: Vimmerby
Distance from Linköping by car: 100kms – 1hr 30min.

Big swedish attractions

Take a trip from Linköping!

Borås Zoo
Zoo with 500 animals of 80 different species.
Where: Outskirts of Borås
Distance from Linköping by car: 220kms – 2hrs 10min.

Eskilstuna Zoo
Zoo, Bathing and Amusement park. And also the famous Fantomenland of course.
Where: Eskilstuna
Distance from Linköping by car: 150kms – 2hrs.

Gröna Lund
One of Swedens most classic amusement park with rides, entertainment and concerts.
Where: Djurgården in Stockholm
By car from Linköping: 200 kilometers – 2 hours

Halmstad Adventureland
10 different theme parks, e.g. Waterland and Dinosaur Park.
Where: Immediately outside Halmstad
Distance from Linköping by car: 310kms – 3hrs 20 min.

High Chaparral
Westernland with cowboys, Indians and Mexicans.
Where: Hillerstorp between Gnosjö, Anderstorp and Värnamo
Distance from Linköping by car: 200kms – 2hrs.

Experience a day of magic in our fantasy house that bubbles with stories, laughter, familiar figures - and mischief.
Where: Djurgården in Stockholm
By car from Linköping: 200 kilometers – 2 hours

Scandinavia's largest amusement park with many exciting rides.
Where: Gothenborg
By car from Linköping: 270 kilometers – 2 hours, 40 minutes 

Nils Holgersson’s World
Sweden’s historical mini-land. Tree-top adventure trail, laser shooting range, adventure forest, pedal-car track and beach.
Where: Immediately west of Södra Vi
Distance from Linköping by car: 85kms – 1hr 15min.

Skara sommarland
Scandinavia´s largest water park.
Where: 4,97 miles east of Skara. 
GPS coordinates: N 58˚24'18" E 13˚33'06"
By car from Linköping: 200 kilometers – 2 hours, 50 minutes

Öland’s Animal and Amusement Park
Sagaland, Dinoland, Animal Park, Waterland, Circus, Amusement Park.
Where: Immediately after Öland’s Bridge, Färjestaden
Distance form Linköping by car: 250kms – 3hrs 10min.