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Simons Rosteri & Bageri

We work with 100% traceable coffee and strive for as environmentally friendly production.

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Simons Rosteri & Bageri in LinköpingSimons Rosteri & Bageri in Linköping

Coffee is the core of our business, and we constantly strive to improve and maintain it at the highest possible level. For us, it’s not enough for the coffee to be good; the craftsmanship must be of the highest quality at every stage.

From the grower on the mountain slopes to the barista handing you your coffee cup. Roasting the coffee ourselves is a natural consequence for us, and it takes place in our own roastery in the countryside outside Linköping.

We work with 100% traceable coffee and aim for the most environmentally friendly production possible. Through various brewing methods, we can extract the most beautiful flavors from our beans. We almost see coffee as an art form, creating new and exciting taste experiences for you to discover and enjoy.

Every morning, we bake all our bread and pastries from scratch. We grind 80 percent of the grain ourselves. All our breads ferment slowly with sourdough culture to develop the best flavor. All this is done so that you can experience our love for ingredients and our craftsmanship.

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