Linköping City

The charm lies in its size. Big enough to have nearly everything, small enough to have it all to hand. Linköping is quite simply a little big city. Welcome to Linköping City!

We Linköping residents prefer to get around the city on foot or cycling, as we have everything close by. Hotels are located close to restaurants, which are located near shops, which are close to Stångån for strolling with a short walk to the theatre, yes you see the city is all within walking distance.

We all have different purposes to our travels so it is hard to say exactly what you will experience when you come to Linköping, but we can help you along the way to find what interests you more quickly.

Linköping’s shopping, entertainment & culinary areas

Linköping’s No 1 entertainment spot, the area around Stora Torget, Ågatan and onward into Plantensgatan, is where Linköping has collected together a mix of bars, clubs, restaurants and cinema which are all lined up like a string of pearls.

Shop until you drop, walk the stretch from Magasinstorget up Nygatan. After a few metres you are up on Lilla Torg with the large shopping centre Gränden where one can walk round on two levels. Then stroll on up Nygatan over Trägårdstorget into Tanneforsgatan, onward to Stora Torget where the galleria Filbyter coexists with many small unique boutiques around Bokhållaregatan, Torggatan and Storgatan. This is a hub for FOLK, which stands for Förenade-Oberoende-Lokala-Kreativa, which means United-Independent-Local-Creative, elements which together create a more exciting city.

Dinner in the city offers every option, but you will have to book a table as we Linköping residents like to eat out.

The three top choices on TripAdvisor are all in the city! Japanese Shinnori, located in the throng of Ågatan with their fine sushi, sake and Yakiniku, has been honoured in the White Guide this year. The Klomp Tavern in Linköping is located on St. Larsgatan. The Tavern doesn’t just have a great kitchen but has also been nominated in the White Guide in 2016 as one of Sweden’s best beer experiences! Johannes Kök is a restaurant for meat lovers.  In summer Johannes Kök also has lovely open-air seating in an inner courtyard. You will find it on Apotekaregatan, right by Stora Torget.

Cosy Cafés are easy to find in Linköping. Top listed cafés in the city on TripAdvisor can be found on Patensgatan and Stora Badstugatan. Plantensgatan – Ammos Café and Crêperie is a little crêperie with fantastic coffee and tasty crêpes which have top ratings on TripAdvisor’s list of restaurants and cafés, on the same street you will also find Bosses Glass. Ask any of us Linköping residents where Bosses Ice Cream can be found and we can tell you. Bosses is a little hole in the wall which succeeds in producing masses of homemade ice cream in all the wonderful flavours you can imagine during the summer months. A must here in Linköping.

On Stora Badstugatan you will find Babettes Kafferi, which isn’t just a fantastic cosy place to have a snack, but has also been honoured with the Nypon culture prize by Lars Winnerbäck himself. Lasse described it in his motivation as a café where music, art and culture can meet in the centre of Linköping.

Historic Linköping

Linköping was originally an old medieval town which was always the administrative centre of the district. There are still parts of the medieval street network preserved around Stora Torget, Tannerforsgatan, St Korsgatan and Ågatan.

Linköping Cathedral is, after Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden’s largest and best preserved medieval church building. The first stone church, a Roman basilica, commenced construction in the 1120s and was completed for the General Synod of 1153. On the site of the stone church there was believed to be an earlier wooden church and excavation has confirmed that Christian graves from the 1000s have been found. The church has subsequently been extended over several centuries and was completed around 1500, with a separate clock tower.

Stora Torget (Main Square) has throughout time been a natural meeting place and it was here that the five councillors were executed by beheading, as a result of the Battle of Stångebro in 1598 – the Linköping Bloodbath.

The Castle was built originally as a bishop’s palace for Bishop Gisle at the beginning of the 1100s. After a varied history of uses, such as a royal renaissance castle and prison, (amongst those who were kept here were the councillors under death sentence awaiting execution in 1600) the castle became the county governor’s residence at the end of the 1700s. The county governor still resides here today, at present a woman by the name of Elisabeth Nilsson, who took up her post in 2010. In the year 2000 Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum was opened in the north wing.

Gamla Storgatan (Old Main Street) is today preserved as a short cobblestoned stretch between Läroverksgatan and Apotekargatan. In the middle ages this street was the main drag between the bishop’s palace – castle and the square. It was also down this street the councillors condemned to death walked to their execution in the square in the year 1600 (the Linköping Bloodbath). The present Storgatan was laid in the middle of the 1600s.

The Battle of Stångebro 1598 could have been called “the war to depose Sigismund” as the whole war was in order to remove him from the Swedish throne and was Sweden’s last civil war. King Sigismund’s uncle, Duke Karl (later Karl IX and the youngest son of Gustav Vasa) did not want to see his nephew on the Swedish throne. This could have been because Sigismund was catholic and Sweden was on its way to becoming a protestant land – but certainly also because Duke Karl wanted to take over the Swedish throne himself. This was the run-up to the Linköping Bloodbath of 1600.

Independent Town Walks

Do you want to discover Linköping city on an independent walk through the town? We have produced a map with a tour that we think takes in the best of the city.

Citywalk (pdf for download)


Theatre, Arena and Concert Hall

Linköping is packed with events – all year round

Vasavägen in Linköping includes not just one of Sweden’s foremost concert halls – Linköping Konsert & Kongress, abounding with concerts, exhibitions and events. There is also Östgötateatern with a wide and exciting range of theatre performances. Opposite Linköping Konsert & Kongress stands a statue Linköping is proud of, Tage Danielsson, which is clearly worth a visit.

Saab Arena and Linköpings Arena, 10 minutes’ walk away on the other side of the river from the centre lies the LHC home ground for hockey, which is also used for many big arena concerts, sports events and exhibitions. Linköpings Arena is the LFC home ground for football and also has outdoor concerts in the summer. Well worth a visit for those who are interested in arena constructions or to attend one of the various events.

Stages in Linköping
Linköping has many clubs and intimate stages with theatre, concerts and stand-up. Visit the Linköping Events Calendar to see what is on offer.