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Linköping Squashcenter

Play Squash/Racketball – max out your workout and have a blast together!

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Two women playing squash at Linköping Squash Center.Two women playing squash at Linköping Squash Center.

Squash takes just minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. It’s a fun, fast, and intense sport that guarantees good fitness, quick reflexes, and strong legs. The advantage is getting a lot of exercise in a short time.


Currently one of the fastest-growing racket sports in many countries. Played on a squash court but with a slightly larger ball = more bounce and longer duels. It requires a lot of movement and strategy. If you have some trouble with your back or knees and can’t manage squash, here’s a solution: Racketball!! Equipment available for affordable rental—just bring your enthusiasm.

Linköping Squash Center offers six squash courts, one with a back wall and grandstand. If you’re a beginner, you have the opportunity to take lessons to speed up your progress.


Looking for better fitness and/or stronger muscles? Our gym, despite its compact size, provides all the equipment you need for your workouts. Skip the queues—try us for just 199 SEK/month.


Unwind in one of our five solariums. All beds are for 20 minutes with extra face tanning boost. Always clean, top-notch bulbs, and staffed for your safety. From 79 SEK with a solarium card.

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