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Stjärnorps slottsruin

Just north of Bergs Slussar stands the ruins of Stjärnorp Castle

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Stjärnorps castle ruin and the green nature surroundingsStjärnorps castle ruin and the green nature surroundings

Just north of Berg’s locks, with breathtaking views of the lake, stands the ruin of Stjärnorp Castle. The castle was built in the 1650s in what was then Vreta Kloster parish by Count and Field Marshal Robert Douglas.

The castle was designed by the renowned architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, who also designed Drottningholm Palace.

A devastating fire in 1789 destroyed the castle and adjacent buildings, and today, one can only admire the grand ruin from the outside. However, Stjärnorp Church, located in the eastern wing, remains an active parish church.

The area annually attracts many visitors who, in addition to viewing the ruin, also enjoy hiking in the lush Stjärnorp ravine. The ravine feels almost tropical with its ferns and winding brook.

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