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Systrarna i Lugnet

Let us deliver kayaks to your next adventure!

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Kayaks in the water at Systrarna i Lugnet.Kayaks in the water at Systrarna i Lugnet.

Hello! We are two sisters who love adventure – it’s our passion. Let us deliver kayaks for your next adventure!

Our kayaks are versatile all-rounders suitable for both experienced paddlers and beginners, perfect for small or big adventures. They perform exceptionally in all waters – from seas to rivers, lakes to canals. These are genuine expedition kayaks!

You can rent our kayaks from Systrarna i Lugnet in Linköping-Slaka.

Transport the kayaks easily with our kayak trailer or load them onto your car roof. Whether on or behind your vehicle, these kayaks take you wherever you want. Upon availability, we gladly assist with transport to and from your paddling destination.

Kinda Canal, Göta Canal, Stora Rängen, Lilla Rängen, Järnlunden, Ämmern, Svartån, Åsunden, Roxen, Vättern. Where would you like to paddle?

Our kayaks are full-sized sea kayaks, approximately five meters long and 55cm wide. Crafted from triple-layered plastic, they are incredibly sturdy and easy to paddle, weighing less than 25kg. Featuring a retractable skeg instead of a rudder, they further simplify your paddling experience.

Our kayaks cater to everyone, from kids to adults, beginners to experts, small to tall.

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