Östergörlands museum
Östergörlands museum
Östergörlands museum

Östergötlands museum

THE MUSEUM BUILDING IS CLOSED FOR 1000 DAYS OF RENOVATION - The museum building in Linköping will be completely renovated and will be closed to visitors for a long time to come. At the same time, parts of our public and educational activities to develop and continue elsewhere. So keep an eye on our website and on Facebook and Instagram!

The museum features a variety of cultural treasures of all kinds. One of the treasures is a painting depicting Adam and Eve, by the German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. When the painting came to the museum after an auction in the late 1800s had been hanging on an outhouse in Sjögestad. The museum's cultural exhibition includes skeletons of Bergsrondellen and the PC historical exhibition Digital dreams about the Internet's emergence, the gaming industry and the computer in art. Moreover there are always different exhibitions with various themes such as contemporary art, fashion and design, photography and current social issues.

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