En pojke och flicka vid exprimentstation
En flicka och en pojke sitter i cockpit på ett flygplan

Fenomenmagasinet - open until 13th February

After 13th February 2022, Fenomenmagasinet will be temporarily closed due to relocation. The date of re-opening at Galaxen, Linköping´s University, will be announced.

Welcome to Fenomenmagasinet in Gamla Linköping! Visit Fenomenmagasinet to learn to understand everyday phenomena such as optics, the human body and electric power. Through numerous exhibits and experiments to do on your own, you learn that what seems complex often is quite simple. Also to visit if you dare, is the floor with reptiles such as snakes and lizards.

Fenomenmagasinet is open weekends as well as school holidays when special experiments and workshops often are on offer.

Fenomenmagasinet is located in Gamla Linköping where there are lots of other fun family activities!

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Tunnbindaregatan 6
582 46 Linköping