Getting around

Linköping invests in a green and attractive town environment. With among other things, safe walking and cycling paths and fast public transport, it is easy to get about.

By car

Linköping city centre has mainly parking garages while the outer areas and major attractions have open car parks. See below or on the area/attraction’s own homepage for information.

In Linköping, there are so called P-10 car parks and P-15 car parks, Where you pay 10 or 15 swedish crowns for 3 hours. Perfect when you take a shopping spree in the city or visit one of the city attractions. These car parks are available in both parking garage and parking in the open sky.

The Tornby area
In order to shop at the Tornby area, no parking money is needed, since it is free parking there.

The open -air museum of Old Linköping
You can also park for free at Gamla Linköping.

Long term parkingIf you need to park the car for a longer period, you can use the long term parking north of Resecentrum/Central station. Payment is made by coins or credit card at a machine.

By bus and commuter train

Östgötatrafiken is responsible for bus services in Linköping. On their website you can search your trip from stop to stop and see a map of the buses serving the routes.

It is easy to take the commuter train to areas such as Linghem (5 min), Mantorp (12 min) and Vikingstad (7 min). Read more at Östgötatrafikens homepage.


Phone: +46(0)771 -21 10 10

Linköping on two wheels

It’s no coincidence that Linköping is called bicycle city. The city has put a lot of effort into building bike routes in and outside the downtown area.

Though we are the fifth-largest municipality in Sweden, distances are short. Starting from the Stora Torget central square, most everything in the city lies within a 4-km radius. Tourists and residents alike can benefit from this map. You can also pick up all materials at the tourist office.

By boat

Boating may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Linköping. But in fact, the Municipality of Linköping has more canal locks than any other in Sweden, with both the Göta Canal and the Kinda Canal passing through it.

Linköping's visitor marina
There are several marinas in the Municipality of Linköping. The following is a list of links for further information:


Hovetorps Slussar

Tannefors Slussar

Linköpings centrum

Bergs slussar Bassängen

Berg/Roxen (nedanför slusstrappan i sjön Roxen)


Parkings for buses

Park on the street S:t Larsgatan, at "Järnvägsparken"/The railway park (next to "Miljonpalatset").

Contact Securitas for license, at phone: +46 (0)13- 20 67 50

The coach parking is situated behind the car park Akilles, at the court yard at Linköpings Castle.

Contact Securitas for license, at phone: +46 (0)13- 20 67 50.

The open-air museum of Old Linköping

Park at the far end of Majgatan, close to Apelgatan.